2019: You don’t have what it takes to beat Buhari, Bindow- Group blasts Atiku

The Chairman Adamawa Youths for Change, Mr. Abdullahi Umar, on Saturday described the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as political lightweight who cannot win election in his ward in Jada Local Government and does not have what it takes to defeat President Muhammadu Buhari and Gov. Bindow in his home state of Adamawa come 2019. Mr Abdullahi Umar was responding to claim made earlier by Atiku  that he is capable of defeating Buhari and capturing Adamawa State for PDP in 2019, if they handed him the PDP ticket. But the group, in a statement released by the spokesman of the group, Malam Garba Yakubu and made available to The Finder in Yola, said Atiku had since lost political relevance in Adamawa politics and was merely flouting and day-dreaming about his assumed popularity. The group also said that Atiku had since become “a political rubble rouser who does not have the platform, the intellectual capability and mental ability to manage the affairs of Nigeria.” Yakubu said,”Atiku’s’s latest utterances have confirmed the fact that he is now a confused politician who is grabbing every opportunity to relaunch himself back into relevance. “For over eight years, he has been sleeping in the presidency without pointing to any project he Atiku has executed under his watch as the Vice President that will positively impact on the lives of Nigerians and Adamawa people. This is a clear indication that he has nothing to offer. He is just being boastful. “He has not executed any tangible constituency project for his Adamawa People. The good people of Adamawa are appreciating Bindow’s modest achievements and they have expressed confidence in Bindow.” “Atiku’s dream to capture Adamawa State for  PDP  remains a tall dream  that can never see the light of the day because those he is going to meet there are familiar with his antics. we have not forgotten in a hurry the role he played in misleading the defunct ACN, that he is capable of capturing Adamawa for the party in 2007. “I am surprised that Atiku is now talking about people like Obasanjo, Jonathan, he has forgotten how he persecuted and betrayed in many occasions these former leaders. I am surprised he is talking about the PDP, a party he destroyed and betrayed many of the chieftains who are still there today to pay him back with his own coin.” The group insisted that Atiku is no longer relevant in Adamawa politics, pointing out that all his political structure had been completely dismantled adding, “Those who know him will understand that he is overrating himself and cannot be seen as a major contender in the 2019 presidential election. “Atiku is only been deceived by the rented crowd witness at the Ribadu Square today  He is a usurper who wants power by all means. Here in Adamawa, the support for President Buhari and Gov. Bindow and the APC is non-negotiable.”

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