Disgraced SGF, Lawal’s, Gindiri, Halilu, Ribadu in Adamawa can’t win councillor seat’

Alhaji Dasin was reacting to the statement by messr. Lawal and Gundiri, who said the stepping down of Markus for Halilu alias will brighten Modi’s chance against Bindow in Apc primary next week.
But the Apc scribe said the Disgraced former SGF, Lawal and Markus Gundiri  was just expressing their opinion as the media hype and the rented crowd was nothing to write home about and urged Babachir Lawal and co in the state to stop deceiving the president.
“Babachir cannot get 2 percent of the total votes that will be cast in Kwambla in Hong if he decided to contest Councillorship election anyday, “this candidates been flaunted   by Babachir is not sellable. As for the crowd that attended their rally penultimate week, it was populated by hired people,” he said.
He said there were many places in Yola where the so called conciliation talk between Markus Gundiri and Modi could hold but that it was taken to Hong in order to deceive the president, adding that the wind of change that will enveloped the Babachir and co next week Apc primary will be as a result of bad leadership of the disgraced former SGF, Lawal, when he hold sway as SGF in the country. “ one funny thing about this group of person that called their selves “Apc stakeholder” is that no of them have ever contested for Councillorship position in Adamawa State, how can Babachir be deceiving Modi when he has not contested even councillorship position in Adamawa before. How many votes has Babachir garnered for Buhari in 2015 in Hong.
“No one can stop Gov. Jibrilla Bindow come next Saturday, Dasin wonder the politics of gang up been adopted by former Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, “which party is Nyako now? Is he Apc or ADC, why the quietness by Adamawa Apc about the anti-party activities of Nyako? It is time for Adamawa Apc to invoke its powers to sanction Nyako.  he said.

fact check by this news medium shows that Babachir and Gundiri’s claims of stepping for Modi was inaccurate as Gundiri fails to purchase Apc guber form for 2019.

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