The outcry and last kicks of the dying horse has finally manifested in a very unfortunate and devastating political miscalculation by the camp of former Secretary to the federal Government Engr. Babachir David Lawal. The Senior Special Assistant to Adamawa State Governor on Press and Media Affairs, Martins Dickson Responding to a report by Sahara reporters published on Thursday 20th September 2018, says Babachir was quoted as saying God has shown him that his camp will defeat Bindow in the Governorship primary election of 29th September 2018. Dickson further asked if Babachir has now become a political prophet. Come to think of it, the statement was made after a political neophyte Mahmoud Halilu Ahmed popularly called Modi was adopted by the Babachir group as their Governorship candidate. A man who is not known beyond his family circle politically, isn’t this a political suicide? How can people who call themselves political veterans make such a destructive decision and misfire, all in the name of attracting sympathy from the presidency?  We are not perturbed by any form of alignment, even if 100 of the likes of Gundiri step down for 100 of the likes of Modi they will never attract one quarter of the votes that Senator Bindow will get in any form of election. Modi’s political neophytism is unprecedented.  It is very appalling to hear that a politician in the class of Engr. Markus Gundiri will allow himself to be dragged into stepping down for someone as unpopular as Modi. I have earlier stated in a television interview aired by DITV Kaduna that Modi cannot win a simple Councillorship election in Yola South. The forthcoming Governor primaries will vindicate my position.  One of the critical issues raised by Babachir today is that the Adamawa State Primary election of the All Progressives Congress will be decided by direct primaries. Let me clear the air, while Babachir was busy misleading his tiny group of supporters in his farm the leadership of the party led by the national chairman comrade Adams Oshiomole and the 22 APC Governors led by their chairman, Rochas Okorocha has concluded a meeting in Abuja and addressed the press stating emphatically that the state chapters of the party have the mandate to decide on the form of primary election that best suites them as long as the decision is reached by majority of the state Executive council, Adamawa State inclusive. It can be recalled that almost all members of the state executive council have consented to indirect primaries in Adamawa State.  I wonder Why people who are supposedly informed about the rule of law and procedure will be hell bent on their own selfish ways even when it is glaring that they are toeing the wrong path? These beats my imagination.

Instead of trying to create confusion where non exists, one will expect the likes of Gundiri, Modi and any other candidate to taste their popularity if they have it and either loss or win creditably and Honorably. Babachir further accused Bindow of working for Atiku to which everyone knows its a big fat lie, how can a sitting Governor of a ruling party that has done creditably well and have won the confidence of the people of the state go against the party on whose platform he is vying for a second term? Babachir should know that even the deaf will not believe this. Several attempts to so blackmail Bindow has failed and this too has failed.  Senator Bindow has stated time without number that he is APC and will remain APC until the party ceases to exist. He has also reiterated time without number that his support is for president Buhari one hundred percent a position he has practically proven beyond doubt.

The people of Adamawa have attested to the undeniable fact that the state Governor, Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has done his best in the last 3 1/2 years and surprisingly his best in this years Have surpassed the cumulative effort of previous administrations in the state even amidst scarce resources. Why are these set of people bent on ensuring that he doesn’t get a second term against the wishes of Adamawa masses? It is definitely for their own selfish reasons which surely goes against the desire of Adamawa masses.

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