2018 pilgrimage : Gov. Bindow bags best supporting Governor award

Gov. Mohammed Bindow of Adamawa has bagged an award of best supporting Governor for the 2018 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NHCN) in conjunction with the Saudi authorities.
Presenting the award to the governor by Alhaji Dahiru Bobbo, Amiru Hajj for Adamawa, said that the award was given base on performance during the pilgrimage.
Bobbo said that the committee assessed performance which included orderliness,  timeliness, governors support to the hajj operation among other things.
The leader of the hajj delegation also said that the state,  apart from the governor’s award,  the Saudi authorities also awarded of best innovative and performing Executive Secretary Muslim Pilgrims welfare Board to Adamawa.
He said that the third award was given by the Nigerian Communities resident in the holy land as best leading pilgrims during the hajj.

The three awards are the best supporting Governor to the hajj operation given to Governor Bindow. The Governor came first while the Lagos state Governor came second and the third positions went to the Federal Capital Minister. The second and third award were the most innovative and performing executive secretary Muslim pilgrims wealth fare board giving to engr Umar Bobboi of the state and for best  leading pilgrims given by the Nigerians communities residents in the holy land respectively. However, the Governor was also decorated as the chief operator of Adamawa state 2018 hajj operation.

According to him, the Governor came first in supporting hajj operations in the country and the executive secretary Muslim pilgrims welfare board also rated first.

While thanking the governor for his tremendous support,  Bobbo said that the hajj operation was a successful one.
“For the governor’s support, we would not have achieved this feat, and I must commend the executive secretary of the board and other stakeholders for doing a wonderful job’s,  He said.

Speaking also the Secretary to the State Government $SSG) Dr Buba Bindir said all the 1661 pilgrims that went for the hajj  from the state had returned successfully without any causality.
Bindir attributed the success recorded which brought many awards and recognition to the state to the support by the Governor.
According to him, the state had increased the sponsorship of government officials to 80  in this year and that is the highest ever in the history of this state and this made the hajj operation to be successful.

In his remarks, Gov. Bindow expressed happiness with both the Amirul hajj team and the board for making the state proud.
He also commended them for their outstanding performance.

The Governor described Alhaji Umar Bobbi,  the executive secretary of the board as an honest and committed man who was always ready to work for development of the state.

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