Opinion: Aminu Iyawa: Stop Denigrating Your Ambassadorial Position

By Nura Musa Ibrahim
I recently bumped into a post by Aminu Iyawa and he falsefully ranting about how a retired teacher came to him, why Adamawa is a failed state under Senator Umar Muhammad Jibrilla Bindow and the bigger malicious allegation of Bindow syphoning local government money for very few projects. My first thought after reading that post was, does this man even know Adamawa State or he just needs psychological evaluation? Campaign for Modi. But why bring your self so low.  Sad. Am not happy writing this but i have to.
Before I continue writing about the subject of this piece, I will like to point out that Aminu Iyawa is an ambassadorial nominee of the wife of the President, Hajiya Aisha Buhari. So, it’s no surprise that he made those comments and finished up his piece with a subtle campaign for Mahmood Halilu Modi, a guber aspirant in the State.
And like many mediocre appointments in Adamawa, Iyawa was nominated for an ambassadorial appointment based on selfish and personal reasons because this is a man that has never done anything good for Adamawa State and it’s people before or after his appointment. In fact, the ongoing campaign he mentioned in his post is his first direct contact with the common man in the State and it’s also because his ally, Modi wants to be governor. Mr Iyawa, you are fooling yourself not us, the people of the state. Its so sad and unfortunate. Iyawa doesn’t have to belittle himself like this in trying to pay back the good done to him by MRS Buhari and it’s even shocking that he has choosed amongst thousands of Buhari loyalists in Adamawa. He is nothing but a certified an ambassador of Hajiya.
Back to the subject matter, in his post, Iyawa accused Governor Bindow for going about promising aspirants that he will hand over power to them come 2023 including the FCT Minister. There are some stories that if you hear, sure you know they are from beer palour or maishayi joint.  So you can bring your self so low to such accusations even if their is such. Anyway, Bindow has the honour and integrity to fulfill most of his campaign promises. I am sure honour and integrity are words Iyawa knows nothing about.
Iyawa went further to dish out all sorts of lies and falsehood about Bindow as his reasons for making this untrue analysis about the state readable for us. I will like to also point here that, if there is anybody who lacks knowledge about the progressive transformation in Adamawa State, it’s Aminu Iyawa and his power hungry cohorts. I remember a while ago before Iyawa became a stooge, he posted something nice on Bindow – stating how well Bindow reached out to him humbly at an airport when they bumped into each other. Iyawa i hope you remember your post on Bindow at abuja airport. Hmmmmm. What a world.
Before I proceed to dissect all of Iyawa’s lies and falsehood and prove to the writer himself that he truly meant no good for Adamawa State and he is nothing but another confused political opponent of Governor Bindow desperately looking for relevance in the political arena of the state. I will like to give him a few words of advise; ‘please learn to keep your mouth shut, if you are not uttering anything useful for the good people of Adamawa State’.
It is rather unfair on Governor Bindow for anybody to think that his massive road networks and infrastructural development is nothing. It’s baffling that someone like Iyawa, who is an ambassador doesn’t understand that nothing helps the rural man and boost the common man’s economy more than agricultural support for his farming and good road networks for him to take his farm products to the market.
To say that the lives of Adamawa people is not enhanced over the last three years is so untrue and it goes to show that Iyawa is not conversant with the true social and economical situation in Adamawa State. It’s shocking that someone who claim to be from Adamawa state and wants good for the state is maliciously blinded to every good happening here. It’s really shocking.
Nobody needs a soothsayer to know that Aminu Iyawa’s main reason for writing the piece was to campaign for  his associate guber aspirant, Mahmood Modi and he could have done so without writing all these falsehood against the incumbent. It baffles me that political elites like Iyawa actually believe the best way to campaign for an aspirant is to resort to campaign of calumny on the incumbent. I had expected  Iyawa to channel his energy in telling the good people of Adamawa State why Modi is an obvious choice for governor instead of this show of partisan falsehood.
This kind of blatant show of foolishness coming from an Ambassador goes to show how things are getting out of hand with the opposition in Adamawa state. If there is anybody out there, anywhere, who can talk sense into the people and caution  them about their blind struggle for power – now is the time to do so please.
At the age of 60+, one will think this man will be elderly enough to conduct his political affairs in a decent and orderly manner devoid of blackmail, smear and taunt. It is sad that Iyawa has allowed himself to become the key point of dirty politicking in Adamawa state today.
Iyawa’s basic hit in his post was education sector as he talked about improving education, is there a better dividends of democracy for education than what Governor Bindow did. He decongested all the primary and secondary schools in the state by building hundreds blocks of classrooms to cut the number of a 100 or more pupils in a single classroom by his predessesors and further employed hundreds graduates as teacher with regularly payments.
Another of his hit was his senseless use of a very Bindow’s picture, maliciously. What does Aminu Iyawa wants to depict by that use of picture? Malice and hatred for Bindow. Simply put. And for the ambassador to drag the name of Governor El-Rufai and the Vice President into such lies means he has no respect for other institutions and deserves no public position. Governor Bindow is hundred per cent loyal to President Buhari and he will never wish anything bad happen to this father figure of his – unless Iyawa forgets, Bindow organized a special prayer in Adamawa for the safe and hearty return of the president. This issue happened long time ago, why is Iyawa bringing it up now? Malice and hatred for Bindow. Using this picture. You are sending signal and message to many. How many world leaders with such picture. We have records. Am sure yiu have your own picture visitig a church or prayer session. Either for marriages or otherwise. Be wise enough plz sir. Are you trying to pass a word we dont know. Adamawa belongs to all . Both muslims and Christians as you know. With over 70+ ethnic groups.  As we all know Bindow belongs to everyboday.
As a governor, Bindow only thinks of the people not politics. His progressive initiatives, infrastructural development and social and human headway clearly shows that the people are his concern now. This and more gives Adamawa politicians like Iyawa no choices but to pick on lies and falsehood as their campaign strategies – belittling themselves to clowns in the process.
In principle, it is to be said that Bindow has a unique style of leadership, which the people of Adamawa State have had an opportunity of seeing. He understands that governance is about the people and it is the people who will decide whether or not to give him another chance in 2019. That is the guiding principle of a perspicacious and sagacious Bindow.
And to clearly show that he is in government to serve the people and he doesn’t focus on anything other than serving the state. Unlike many governors in Nigeria, Governor Bindow is not trying to wrestle the credit of public structures away from his predessesors, he has completed every abandoned structure by the previous governments while building many more better structures of his own.
Even before he became a governor,  Bindow had gained profound knowledge of Adamawa state, its people, diversities, human resources, forest and mineral resources, which became handy in determining his priorities and equitable distribution of scarce resources among the constituent units and people which is the primary purpose of his government.
He understands that, the office of the governor particularly in a democracy, is not a place to learn and getting to know leaders of the people and other stakeholders. Any governor in such a situation will rule either on impulse or get carried away by those persons or groups who make the loudest noise or agitation without merit thereby sacrificing justice and fairness.
Undeniably, studying this factor has made his administration almost on a perfect governing scale. A man of such unique governing prowess and mastery will definitely not worry about a power but rather delivering on his mandate to give the people justifiably reasons to queue up at the ballot box on election day in 2019 to give him another chance.
Besides, Bindow is a man who strongly believes it is Allah that gives power and taketh it when He so wishes. It’s no surprise that the governor is just concentrating on delivering good governance and has left future for Allah Almighty – the Ultimate Decider to decide.
And yes. Majority of your likes have developed personal hatred and envy for Bindow because of the good he does for the people. Greed and cowardice is your order of the day. We all know you and your likes will never like Bindow. This is the beginning. We have been waiting for such writings, both opinions and sponsored ones.
As we continue to enjoy the dividends of democracy from this outstanding administrator in my dear state, we will continue to pray to Allah to give him more foresight and perspicacity to make Adamawa great. And come 2019, May Allah decide for us what’s best for Adamawa in Bindow.
Bindow be ready to face the worst. The time is here. Ethnicity and religion is playing a vital role during this era. But we know you are strong and equal to the task, 2015 wasnt different. So shall this be. Especially with the history you made. They cannot wipe it. God is your strength.
Like it or leave it. Iyawa ka zubar da kimar ka. Ba haka ya kamata ba. Allah Ya bada sa’a.
Ibrahim wrote in from Yola and can be reached on nurbra2001@yahoo.co.uk

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