Persecution: Governor Bindow Under Pressure To Dump APC



Youths and stakeholders under the auspices of the Bindow Awareness for Change (BAC) have been putting pressure on Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammad Umar Jibrilla Bindow to dump the All Progressive Congress for the Peoples Democratic Party over insistent persecution within the party.


The pressure was reached in a joint statement signed by the State Coordinators of BAS and the Youth League, Honourable Julius Benson and the State Publicity Secretary, Haruna Zakari.

The statement read: “Having reflected on the activities of Governor Bindow, we are of the view that the gentleman governor has no business in APC, a party that turned around to betray him for serving his people and the people of Nigeria through good governance.

“Rather than reward and appreciate Bindow for his people-oriented policies and administration, his party, APC has never failed to undermine and frustrate him at any given time.

“They have turned him into an internally displaced Politician (IDP) of sought simply because he chose to align with his people instead of serving some irrelevant godfathers in the state and the nepotic bid of an aspirant.

“The APC has continued to persecute Governor Bindow over his decision to align with the people of Adamawa state in this difficult period they have been experiencing,” the statement concluded.



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