Modi trembles on sighting defeat, most APC members confided in this news medium, despites the horse trading by Modi’s camp, Adamawa State Apc Members in the 2018 Apc direct guber primary openly reject Modi again, speaking to our correspondent most of the members of the party in Adamawa complain that Modi’ is not even known in Yola, every politics in Nigeria is local, “we are using this medium to advice Modi to acquire more political knowledge before presenting himself in 2023 for any election “ this is man that raised alarm in the last indirect primary election that was postpone and eventually change to direct primary, but still you can see today that Modi will not even come second but last, look at the last minute attacks of religion sentiment they launch on the Governor, as if that is not enough they ridicule the office of the Governor, how do everything goes now, my advice to Modi and co is that they should respect the office of the Governor, so that when they become Governor in future we will respect them. Our correspondent that monitor the election confirmed that Modi hardly garnered 50 votes in ward and that what happened this evening shows that Gov. Bindow remain the peoples Governor. It is high time Modi accept defeat and congratulate Bindow”. Meanwhile counting continue this night as Modi cries wolf over the process of the primary.

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