Stop making mockery of yourself by attacking Bindow – APC group advises modi

A group under the All Progressives Congress, known as the Concerned APC Stakeholders, has charge the defeated Adamawa Apc gubernatorial aspirant , Halilu Modi to bring to an abrupt end his attacks on Umaru Jibrilla Bindow’s policies.

This is contained in a statement issued by its patron, Alhaji Shehu Usman, where he noted that by repeatedly condemning Bindow’s policies, Modi was making mockery of himself because the Governor had good intention for Adamawa.

The group, however, noted it supported Modi’s views on issue that boarder on justice but not to an extent of ridiculing his doctoral degree, look at his statement when appeared on Tvc News, how could Modi who claims to know all, be reading from prepare text on national TV, if Modi is intelligent  as he claim he should know that  Apc as a political party cannot conduct any primary anywhere in Nigeria again, as the electoral does not permit that, Modi and the disgraced former SGF, Lawal should be expelled from Apc not Bindow, the same set of apprentice politicians took Apc to court in Adamawa and they lost out, only for Modi to be advocating for Bindow expulsion from Apc so that he Modi will be given the ticket, if Modi could not get the Apc ticket through election, he can never get it through the back door.

The statement reads, “We would like Modi to stop ridiculing himself in his efforts to attack Bindow.

“Bindow has good intentions and he is a man we all respect, irrespective of his political affiliation.

“Moreover, the office of the Governor deserves the respect of all Adamawa residents and Nigeria. God is the one who puts people in power.

“We condemn Modi’s unguided, repeated attacks on Bindow . It is better to keep shut if you have nothing to say.”

The group also demanded that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, probe the disgraced former SGF, Lawal over reported diversion of government funds for Presidential Northeast Initiative.


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