AYC writes Crescent University, Wants Modi’s Honorary Doctoral Causa Revoked

The united  Adamawa youth for change has filed a petition at the Crescent  University against Halilu alias Modi.

In a letter to the Vice Chancellor, the National Chairman of AYC, Alhaji Musa Dasin, told the University that Mr Modi has a predetermined plan to use the honorary degree procured by Modi to ‘truncate’ Adamawa peace.

The AYC, in the letter which is dated October12, 2018, accused Mr Modi of violating the law guiding the behaviour of those awarded honorary doctoral  causa.

The national Chairman of the Apc, Registrar, Crescent University, were copied in the letter.

The AYC said Modi was behind the spate of crisis rocking the Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress and wonders why those who sat for PhD exams has not come out openly to call anybody illiterate, but only for Modi who was only given honorary causa by Crescent University to come out to call people illiterate.

“we want to make clear to Modi that, if Bindow wants his type of honorary doctoral causa, Bindow would have gotten it since and not the type of honorary causa Modi is brandishing all over Adamawa, if Modi want Ph.D. he should enrol in the classroom and get it not the honorary causa, that even a garage man can donates money to any university and it will be given”.

The group  mentioned the recent confusion cause by Modi in the just concluded Apc gubernatorial contest and the behaviour of same Modi on a national TV where he read a prepared speech instead of discussing off hand like other panellist on TV  as evident of the Modi’s incapability of holding the honorary  doctoral degrees bestow on him by the university.

The group accused Modi of been a dullard who has no working experience, “he said he is a farmer, but he cannot point to the direction of his farm, he said he is into oil and gas, but has no single oil station.

“How do we explain or justify the politics of our turn and our chance being propagated by Modi in Adamawa, we urged the University purportedly to check for hate speeches being propagated by Modi and revoke his honorary  doctoral causa given to him by the University without further delay.

“We decry this raging intimidation of Gov. Bindow by Modi and his Abuja sponsors  and call on the University community to stand up and condemn this drift towards stone-age despotism. Nigeria is a democratic state and we reject any attempt by anybody to suppress the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people, particularly, regarding the choice of how they should be governed.”


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