Alhaji Musa Dasin, Chairman Adamawa United for Change, has slammed Mohammed Dado’s associates for claiming that he was fired by Gov. Bindow for refusing to remove Atiku sign board and that of the opposition PDP in Adamawa State.

Associate of the former GM made this claim in an interview while addressing the circumstances surrounding Dabo unceremonious exit from urban planning.

However, Dasin said the ex-GM’s poor memory exposed his own lies, stressing that he was sacked by Bindow for dereliction of duty and his inability to account for the mysterious and the indiscriminate mounting of billboards across Yola without collecting revenue from those erecting the billboards.

A statement on Wednesday by the Group reads: “Our attention has been drawn to recent comments by associates of the former GM of Adamawa State Urban Planning, Mohammed Dabo, who alleged that he was sacked by Gov. Bindow because he refused to remove Atiku and PDP signboard in Adamawa State.

“Mohammed Dabo is proof of the fact that liars need a very good memory otherwise they would contradict themselves with their lies.

“Let us examine some facts. The issue of erecting Billboard without proper payment is visible to even the blind in Adamawa State, look at how anybody can wake up any day to erect Billboards, Mr. Mohammed Dabo has been caution severally but he fails to listen to advice.

“If it was true that Mr. Dabo was sacked for refusing to remove Atiku and PDP signboard which has been on the street of Yola before his sack, why would Gov. Bindow wait for 7 and a half months before sacking him?

“If it was true that Mr. Dabo was sacked for refusing to remove Atiku and PDP billboard, why would Gov. Bindow keep him in office to preside over the State Urban Planning during the more important 2018 primaries which was even more crucial to the Governor and his supporters?

“When juxtaposed with these facts, the accusation from the associates of the former GM of Urban Planning makes no sense to reasonable men and women.

“Gov Bindow is known as a man who is not desperate for power. He has a reputation for providing the enabling environment for free and fair elections.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Mohammed Dabo sacked for dereliction of duty, because under his watch, Adamawa State have lost millions of naira due to non collection of billboards fees from politicians.

“Somebody was fired for Mohammed to step in as GM urban planning, so there is no big deal in what is happening, as I speak to you the State government is going to constitute a taskforce to oversee billboards erection and payment henceforth.

“I therefore urge Mr. Dabo to find other ways to ingratiate himself to the current powers that be and leave Gov. Bindow out of his lying schemes and plans.”


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