Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has joined UNESCO to make universal quality education a priority, as the world celebrates the first International day of education,


In a statement to commemorate the day signed by his special Assistant on Press and Media Affairs, Martins Dickson, Bindow said he has since made public his desire and agenda to make education the number one priority of his Government when he comes back for a second term in office. This assertion is in line with the objective of the international day on education.


Bindow stressed that he can sacrifice anything to achieve the universal set standards and to give every Adamawa child quality education.


In his words “Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility therefore, my policies will ensure that we reduce drastically if not eliminate completely the number of out of school children in the state”.


He further opined that lack of education is the major reason why the cycle of poverty remained unbroken in our societies leaving millions of children, youths and adults without hope.


Long before now, I stressed in different fora that our second tenure in office will give topmost priority to education.


We have recently given scholarship to some hardworking Adamawa youths to study medicine in a university in India. We have also laid the foundation for the rebuilding and restructuring of our secondary school facilities. Likewise, we have given attention to our teachers remuneration and trainings and have provided them the necessary tools to aide their work.


These are only to lay the foundation; we will begin the repositioning of our education sector in earnest immediately we return to office after the March Governorship elections.



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