Buhari has changed the face of Nigerian politics — Ribadu

A former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu, has said that President Muhammad Buhari has altered the Nigerian governance and political landscape by his style of politics and leadership.

He said the president has de-emphasised money politics by running a shoe-string campaign which is people-driven.

Mr Ribadu, who is the director of field operations for the APC Presidential Campaign Council, said Mr Buhari’s re-election campaign is being driven by the passion of supporters and sacrifice.

He spoke on Friday at a train-the-trainer workshop for canvassers from 36 states and the FCT.

“This is a project of sacrifice because for the first time in Nigerian history, a sitting government is running a people-driven campaign devoid of public funds.

“Some may not be happy this is happening but it is very good for our country and our politics.

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“This project is about us, and about our country. We, therefore, must come out to support it and sacrifice”.

He said Nigerians have a number of reasons to support Mr Buhari’s re-election bid, especially based on his performance in office.

Mr Ribadu said the canvassers should consider their role as a rescue mission to not allow Nigeria go back to the era it was before Mr Buhari came in.

“We have to join hands together to rescue this nation, we don’t want things to go bad like they were before. We don’t want anyone to steal from our own common again. We don’t want anyone to come and sell some things that belong to all of us to his own few friends. We want justice and fairness, we want to show that nobody is above the law in our own country.

“You (the canvassers) are all believers. You people make this sacrifice as volunteers that have agreed to come collectively to improve ourselves and go to the field. We intend to go to every single door, every single house, every single hamlet, you are going to train others who are also going to carry out this responsibility.

“I know that we are prepared and we have the best people that are going to do the work for us. We are not rich but we will deliver Muhammadu Buhari Insha Allah.”

He charged them to work hard to “deliver every possible vote” to the president.

Also speaking at the event, a deputy director general of the campaign, Waziri Bulawa, listed some achievements of the president in infrastructure which, he said, were evenly distributed all over the country.

“When President Buhari came in, 27 states were not able to pay salaries. The president gave bailout to all governors without discrimination. He gave bailout 1, bailout 2, bailout 3 to all states.

“He also gave Paris Club reimbursements across board. For this reason, even the PDP governors are willing to support the president because they know he is someone who is a nationalist, and someone who means well for all,” he said.

A deputy national chairman of the APC, Lawal Shuaibu, said the canvassers have a crucial role to play in delivering the party at the polls.

He said there role is key to the success of the party as they have to make sure that they reach all voters in their domains and convinced them to vote for the party.

Mr Shuaibu said the success of the party would mean victory for Nigeria as it pursues people-oriented policies.

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