Why do the Numan Federation hate Bindow?


    Forget about the lies and hateful propaganda against the person of Gov. Mohammed Jibrilla Bindow from some noisy, frustrated, hypocritical and angry persons and groups from the Numan axis of Adamawa State. They churn out all manner of lies that Bindow “hates the Bachamas” and that’s why he has not considered, or does not consider them for appointments into plum positions in his government.

    But is it true that Gov. Bindow hates the Bachamas? I have seen statements and lamentations like “Why does Bindow hate Bachamas?” coming from groups that is sympathetic to Bachamas, the socio-cultural groups of the Bachamas, and I have often wondered whether that question and lamentation should not be the other way round. I sincerely believe the right question should be, “Why do the Bachamas hate Bindow?”

    Don’t get it twisted; I know quite a large number of Bachamas that are fanatical supporters and promoters of the Bindow Project, and I have an inner knowing that even if you put a knife on the throats of these people to denounce Bindow, they will proudly refuse to denounce him. Unfortunately, these Bachamas that are staunch lovers of Bindow are regarded as outcasts in Bachama land and are therefore treated as scum.

    The first time Bindow took a shot at contesting the Governorship election was in 2015, if we recalled there was no herdsmen attack in the Numan axis of Adamawa, but still yet the Numan federation refused to vote APC and Bindow in 2015, why the alibi against Bindow and the APC now that it is because of the killings in Numan that makes the Bachamas hate Bindow and refused to vote for him in 2015.

    Despite given appointments to prominent Bachama sons and Daughters, the hatred continues in a bigger magnitude, the question in the lips of many is that; were there killings in Numan axis in 2015? The answer is capital NO! If the Bachamas voted same way they did in 2015 it means it is twice now the Bachamas rejected him, in spite of picking some of their prominent men and women as his appointee.

    Like Buhari took part in 2011, he moved towards the Yorubas for a running mate. Once in 2011, the Yorubas rejected him in spite of the man having one of them as running mate, but in 2015, they accepted him. But in all the four presidential contests Buhari participated in, he was massively and resoundingly rejected by the Igbos, which, again, asserts that the right question should be, “Why do the Igbos hate Buhari?”

    In all fairness, is it not outright mischief and shamelessness to expect plum positions in the government of a man you have perpetually rejected and insulted with all manner of derogatory words? And even while they are making hypocritical noises about appointments, they keep saying that they are proud of the way they voted in 2015, and that if given the chance again they will repeat voting for an absolutely corrupt regime that was resoundingly rejected by Nigerians and the global community, and yet they want to be incorporated into Buhari’s kitchen cabinet? You want to be part of running a government of CHANGE.

    If we are to talk of killings, the Benue people experienced herdsmen killings than the Bachamas yet they voted massively for the APC during the last Presidential election, I remember how the Bachamas rejected a lot of sitting governors in Adamawa but eventually they won the re-election at last. When will the natural hatred they had for Bindow finish? Despite all this opposition to the APC, it same government constructing their roads from Numan to Gombe and from Numan to Jalingo.


    I want to use this medium to tell the Bachamas that the stone the builder has rejected, become the chief corner Stone and I am using this medium to tell the Bachamas that the voting pattern adopted by the Igbobians during the last election in Nigeria did not augur well for them as the votes from the southeast remain a minority votes just like the votes from the Numan axis of Adamawa remains Minority votes compare to other region of the State. The last Presidential election should be a great lesson for the Bachamas and the Igbo, because despite voting against Buhari, he still remain the President today!

    God Bless Gov. Bindow!

    Mr. Simon Elkaneh

    Wrote from Bauchi and be reached on



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