APRIL salary statement: You are economical with the truth, group tells Sajoh

Former secretary, Justice frontiers, Mapida Ikwurunyi, has slammed Adamawa state commissioner for information, Comrade Ahmad Sajoh for absolving the opposition PDP of any blame in the current April salary imbroglio in Adamawa State.

The former Secretary urged the commissioner to thread with caution over the statement credited to him over the delayed payment of April salary of Adamawa workers.

In a statement on Saturday, Ikwurunyi said Sajoh should stop blaming Bindow for the delay in paying April salary and stop giving responsibility of non-payment of the April salary to Bindow’s government alone, as every evidence is clear that the PDP in collusion with some bank officials that are looking for favour from the governor elect is responsible for the quagmire the state has found herself today.

He said: “the government in which Sajoh serves, knows which opposition members are sponsoring the bankers not to give overdraft to Bindow to offset April salary in Adamawa State, it is high time we should identify them and expose because they are enemy of the people.

“Ever since Sajoh made his ill-advised statement, giving the entire blame of not payment April salary to Bindow’s administration, we suspect something fishy and it is high time we put the record straight for the people to understand that the opposition in Adamawa is frustrating April salary in other to score cheap political points and the name of the governor elect will be praise if he come in and pay the April and May salary to workers.

“It is our suspicion that Sajoh giving Bindow blame when the incoming government of the fresh advocate should be held responsible for frustrating Bindow’s effort to pay April salary, on this note we disassociate Gov. Bindow from the so called blame Sajoh is trying to heap on the state government, knowing fully well that Bindow is not responsible and can never hold workers salary at any point in Adamawa.

“Sajoh should go on fact finding on why April salary is delay not giving responsibility to a Man that has never defaulted in any salary payment since the inception of his administration,”‎ he added.


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