“Fintiri and his party in Adamawa using attack on Bindow to divert attention from his failure” – Ikwurunyi

The secretary Justice Frontier, Mr. Mapida Ikwurunyi has accused the people’s Democratic Party and its state party chairman in Adamawa, A.T shehu, of using the name of Bindow to divert attention from his party and Gov. Fintiri’s failure.

Ikwurnyi, said “it is unfortunate that A.T Shehu and his party the PDP that promised the people 32000 minimum wage, youths empowerment, free healthcare for women and children could still have the guts to criticise Senator Bindow after he left the stage for them.

He said, “One thing I will tell you is that the most outspoken critic of Senator Bindow, who is the state chairman of PDP in Adamawa, is not been sincerely about accusing Bindow administration of selling employments. A.T Shehu and his party in Adamawa has no business accusing Bindow of everything that goes wrong under Fintiri administration, if the PDP has any plan to work for the people, let Fintiri stay on his job and do it.”

Ikwurunyi said the PDP in Adamawa got to power by fuelling religious and ethnic division and this has become the only way of diverting attention of the people from paying the 32000 minimum wage.

“One thing I can tell you is that A.T Shehu and his party in Adamawa is absolutely absent from governance since they came to power, if not let Shehu tell the people why it is difficult to pay the 32000 naira minimum wage? They promise the workers that on the 25th of every month salary will be paid, it is unfortunate that last salary was paid the following month without minimum wage.

The 32000 naira minimum wage does not required time to implement, what about the timely payment of salary they promise? Does that also require time to fulfil? The issue of giving waiver to some people A.T Shehu accused Bindow administration of. He should ask the governor if he has advertised any job position in 2014 when he was the acting governor of the state.

The quack medical doctor arrested in Adamawa has nothing do with Bindow as a person, A.T Shehu reckless statements against Bindow has led him astray to forget the reality that is on ground, Bindow is not in charge of employment as a governor of Adamawa, they are people assigned to take care of that, if Bindow will be criticise by Shehu on employments, then Fintiri’s government that enlisted a dead person in the recent local government caretaker committee is clueless about governance.

As I speak local government workers have not received last month salary, but Shehu has swept all these under the carpet due to his obsession on hauling insults on Senator Bindow, the PDP led state government in Adamawa make promise to different people that paid courtesy visit on Gov. Fintiri. They need to be reminded that there is currently no economic power to cover all the promises they are making as campaign is over and still Fintiri and his party are still campaigning.

But the thing is that the nature of politics in Adamawa; Fintiri and his party have used this ethnicity, workers plight, minimum wage to get to power. They need it in order to stay in power because Fintiri have no answers to the problem of Adamawa people, hence by now they should not be blaming Bindow when they promised the people that they can make things right.

We pleaded with Gov. Fintiri to probe the sales of highland tea that was sold in 2014 and the missing 500 million meant for the establishment of ADSU law faculty, up till now nothing has been done about the two probes we requested for.” Ikwurunyi said

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