Despite criticising Bindow severally for using overdraft, Fintiri set to use overdraft to pay salaries in Adamawa-CSO


    “Fintiri should be reminded that he is no longer in the state House of Assembly, but now a governor of a state”


    Fintiri led state government in Adamawa has perfected plans to use Bank overdraft to pay salaries, document sighted by this news medium show that in no distance time, Fintiri will use overdraft to pay salaries from now hence forth, despite severally criticising his predecessor, Senator Jibrilla Bindow for doing same.

    Reacting to the development, the chairman Adamawa United for a change, Alhaji Musa Dasin flayed Fintiri for applying to use overdraft to pay salaries despite demonising Bindow for doing same.

    “This Fintiri’s government has further expose herself to the people that they see politics as the game of chance and luck, if not how can they be rooting for Bank overdraft despite their criticism of Bindow’s administration, this is a government with few political appointees not more than 5 persons, why are they taking overdraft this time?


    It is battling that Fintiri and his media handlers are confusing with the power of a governor to give waivers, am surprise that they claimed that a waiver gave by Bindow did not follow due process, if not the cluelessness in them how can a waiver which is the prerogative rights of a governor will be said not following due process by Fintiri’s administration, does a sitting governor need to consult anybody before granting a waiver? Or he needs to place newspaper adverts before granting a waiver.


    We are close to hundred days, yet Fintiri has not flagon a single project in Adamawa state, Fintiri should be reminded that he is no longer in the state House of Assembly, but now a governor of a state”.  Dasin Opined.




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