Civil Society Organization wants Kaletapwa led management sacked for incompetence


    A Civil Society Organization, the centre for leadership evaluation and Accountability forum (CLEAF), has called on Gov. Umaru Fintiri to relieve the acting Vice chancellor of Adamawa state university Mubi, Prof. Kaletapawa led management of ADSU of their duty with immediate effect as their continue stay will hinder the plan recovery of over 2.8 billion naira looted from the university.

    In a press release late Monday by CLEAF Executive Director, Sebastine Pwanovi, the group said it was hypocritical for the acting Vice Chancellor to kip mum all this while over the looted billion of naira looted from the university coffer all in the name of let peace reign in the university.

    The statement read: “Our attention has been drawn to the news making around by some members of ADSU management that Christians has never completed their tenure in ADSU Mubi that it is time to allowed Christians complete their tenure, Zaruwa is a christian, it was same Christians that plotted his removal from office:

    “Let us consider that as a lost opportunity in ADSU Mubi all this years, we want to make it clear that Prof. Joshua shall was the architect of his own woe as a clear case of financial recklessness was established against him before he was eventually kicked out of the university and currently been prosecuted by the EFCC at Federal high court, Yola.

    “While we supported another Christian to be appointed in place of Shall, Zaruwa a former Vice Chancellor of the university was appointed to recover all the looted funds in the hands of the management staff and the unionists which set the former Vice Chancellor, Zaruwa on a collision with the powerful looters that are members of the union and the management of ADSU.

    “We understand that the current acting Vice Chancellor was among the visitation panel members that suggested the removal of Zaruwa from office as VC, despite the removal, nothing incriminating was established against Zaruwa for their reason of removing him from office, to our surprise a suppose member of the governing council make herself available to be appointed as acting VC which is morally wrong as feelers from members of the public shows that it was a plot by the then visitation panel to remove Zaruwa from office as to pave way for one of their own, Kaleptapwa to emerged, if not how can one imagine that a judge will sit on a case that later he will be the beneficiary of the judgement.

    “We admonish Gov. Fintiri to let other religion test the seat of the Vice Chancellor of the university as Christians occupied the seat from 2012 till date, which make a total of seven years of people of same religious background occupying the seat of the Vice Chancellor.

    “It is unbecoming of an acting Vice chancellor to reinstate a lecturer sacked for examination malpractice as such has portrayed the current management of the university as supporting corruption and examination malpractice that is not condone anywhere in the world exception of ADSU Mubi.

    We are calling on Gov. Fintiri to wield the big stick on the current management of ADSU, Mubi as the university need total overhauling of the management not financing incompetence.

    “The process that brought the current management to office was corruption itself as due process was not follow in appointing them, it is better to sack the current management before they destroy the university as reinstating a lecturer sacked for examination malpractice is enough ground to relieve them of their duty in ADSU.


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