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Adamawa council polls:Fintiri Has bury Babachir, Nuhu Ribadu and others forever politically – Luka

The chairman of Adamawa first initiative, Ibrahim Luka, has slammed former secretary to the federal government, Engr. Babachir Lawal, Nuhu Ribadu and Ahmed Halilu over Babachir’s criticisms of Fintiri handling of the just concluded council polls in Adamawa.

According to him, the victory of all PDP chairmanship in the Saturday council polls has bury Babachir, Nuhu Ribadu politically in Adamawa. “God has decided not to forgive him Babachir and co, this present outbursts and shenanigans he has embarked upon is a like curse from God.

God is exposing him and making him a subject of ridicule and scorn in Adamawa,” Ibrahim told THE FINDER. Going further, he added that: “That is the punishment Babachir and those that brought APC to her kneel in Adamawa is suffering from God for working against the party and supporting Fintiri in the 2019 election.

“I hope they will all come to their senses and retrieve their mandate from the supreme, if not if the case before the court finishes today, they will see hell from PDP government in Adamawa.

These people just fool themselves; they don’t know what it’s all about. To start with, this whole agenda of bringing down Bindow at all cost in 2019 thing is a myth. “Babachir’s candidate and Nuhu Ribadu’s candidate was humiliated last Saturday by Finitiri.

This time, I am even glad Fintiri is against Babachir  because the landslide secured by PDP on the last Saturday election show that politically Babachir and Nuhu Ribadu is buried in Adamawa.

“The only way forward before it is too late is for the APC in Adamawa to close rank and win their case before the Supreme Court or else politically there are finished in Adamawa, i dont expect any of the APC stalwarts to blame Fintiri, they fought and brought their own down, now they are paying for it dearly and will continue to pay the price until they realise their mistake.

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