FACT-CHECK: Fintiri wrong again; No security, infrastructure on ground in Michika to accommodate college of health, Mubi.


    The permanent site of Adamawa state college of Health in Michika lacks any tangible infrastructure to be occupied by staff and students as recently claimed by the Fintiri  administration.

    The governor’s aide attached to the office of the deputy governor of Adamawa state, George Kushi, made the claim on January 10th on his Facebook wall.

    “Adamawa State Government will soon relocate College of Health and Technology Mubi back to its original site in Michika as stipulated in the act establishing the institution.

    Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri stated this in Michika in an interview with newsmen shortly after rounding off his Woking visit to Michika and Madagali on Friday.,”


    Mr. Kushi, Chief Press Secretary to the deputy governor was quoted by The Finder as saying.

    Coming at a time of severe and constant Boko Haram attack in Michika, the comment appeared aimed at reassuring an increasingly disenchanted public especially Michika community that leave in fear of attack every second.

    But that claim is entirely false, as there is currently no better infrastructure on ground in the permanent site of the institution in Michika as claimed by the governor, the glorified school building in the permanent site of the college has been vandalised by the haramites in Michika and it cannot contain a single department of the college in Michika if relocated.  Michika is not safe for the plan relocation of college of health, mubi to, a Finder examination shows.

    In January 10th, the governor of Adamawa state, Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri was enmeshed in another failed promise of relocating college of health Mubi to Michika in the face of deadly attack lunch on the community by the boko haram intermittently.

    In verifying the governor’s claim on the plan relocation of the school from Mubi, THE FINDER will rely on physical examination of buildings and equipment and security of the students in Michika.

    Mr. Kushi did not respond to THE FINDER’s request for clarification.

    To buttress his point, Mr. Kushi claim the governor want to relocates the health institution to Michika as stipulated by the act establishing the college, not minding how boko haram target most schools in the northeast to abduct their victims in the depth of night.

    “Don’t forget that since 2013 we are leaving in fear in Michika, sometime the insurgents waylaid Michika community if they run out of food stuff, I don’t see any reason for the governor to contemplate the relocation of the school to our local council for now ,” Mr. Kwaji said.

    It is not clear whether the administration of Fintiri will guarantee security for the staff and students of the college and also erect new infrastructure before the plan relocation to Michika.

    Parents react

    Mr. Finiri’s plan relocation of the college was roundly rejected by parents and guardians of the students of college of health, Mubi, with many parents pointing at the irony of their children been used to test the security situation in Michika.

    Richard-Mark Phanuel, one of the guardians to a student of the college, said Mr. Fintiri should be prepared to relocate to Michika with the staff and students of the college, as they will not forgive the governor if the repeat of Chibok experience played out again in Michika.”

    Mr. Kwaghe, a parent of one of the students, also agreed that security of the students cannot be guarantee in Michika, unless Fintiri want another Chibok experience and no better physical infrastructure is on ground in Michika to contain a department of the college in Michika.

    He said the focus of Fintiri should be on improving infrastructure deficit of the college in Mubi rather than making “claims that he is doing it to fulfil the act that established the college to the staff and students detriment.”

    It is also unclear whether the governor mistook Michika to Yola, even in Yola kidnapping is on the increase daily, Mr. Luka opined.



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