Probe: come clean on the corruption charges preferred against you by the EFCC before probing anybody, Group Lambasts Fintiri


    The chairman, Adamawa first initiative, has lambasted Gov. Fintiri of Adamawa over his new found hobby of witch hunting hiding using cover of anti-graft fight.

    Ibrahim said the political anti-corruption fight of the Fintiri-led government was “more of propaganda than reality.”

    Ibrahim insisted that Adamawa had sided downwards on its indices on corruption in 2014.

    He said: “We go to the issue of corruption. I believe that is more of propaganda than reality. Why do I say that? The man himself who claimed that he is going to probe Bindow is also currently battling with the EFCC for financial crime and money laundering; he has no effrontery to carry out such a probe without been biased.

    “If truly the governor is fighting corruption, I am baffled how a member of his government in 2014 when he was acting governor who they found wanting, up till today, no charge, no prosecution and the failure of the governor to probe the loans taken from ecobank and agricultural bank in 2014.

    “To me, once you can’t do that, you lose the moral high ground to say that you are fighting corruption. You must show that nobody is above the law. You must show that no matter how close anybody is to you, you must take action and that’s not happening.”

    Ibrahim had earlier alleged that there was massive fraud in 2014 which led to the EFCC case the governor has been battling with before his election in 2019, in fact it is the current immunity enjoy by the governor that save day, because now he should have been having his day in court by now.



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