Despite claiming to have Finish the 2000 housing units; Adamawa state government advertised bidding tenders for construction of 1000 housings few months later.

It is about two months today that a social media  aide to Gov. Fintiri  of Adamawa state claimed that the Fintiri led state government activated  the construction of the 2000 housing units in Malkohi, the plan project site of the 2000 housing units in Adamawa.

Love Zidon, special adviser to the governor on social media on 15 March, 2020 published photograph of the FG housing units in Gombe claiming it is that of his principal, a claim The Finder fact check punctured and exposed.

Few months ago, another social media aide to the governor, Muhammad Tukur claim that the initial 9.9 billion naira collected was awaiting FG government inputs as the purported housing units is has link with the FG, a claim THE FINDER fact checkers also verify that it is inaccurate.

In a new twist today, Muhammad Tukur on his Facebook post claim that the Adamawa state government is inviting the public for bidding tender for the construction 1000 housing units which is in sharp contradiction with their earlier claim that the housing units has started or awaiting FG counter funding for the projects to start.

The Finder reports that Gov. Fintiri took 17 billion loan naira penultimate month which is not unconnected to the 2000 housing units.




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