Northeast group tells Fintiri to stop propaganda against Bindow and face governance

A Northeast rights group, the Northeast Youth Movement (NEYM) has
advised the Governor of Adamawa state Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to desist from his continuing abuse of former Governor Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, stressing that his unguarded actions has ridiculed the office of the
governor of Adamawa state .

The group in a statement jointly signed by its president Comrade Phanuel Jackson and national secretary Comrade Muhammad Tako, counseled Fintiri step up to the standards set by former Governors who
they claimed were more dignified in office.

The group who was responding to Fintiri’s claim that the Bindow administration piled up debts without anything on ground.

“One thing is clear; the governor who takes pleasure in constantly
maligning and abusing the former occupier of the highest office in the state only projects himself as an unserious man who has no respect for
the exalted office of the Governor which currently he is occupying.

“We note painfully that Fintiri has failed to step up to the
standards established by the likes of Saleh Michika, Boni Haruna, Murtala Nyako, Bala Ngillari and Bindow, who were all
reputable former Governors. To be able to match their
reputation, he has to first purge himself of the spirit of lying, and
wean himself of that foul and pedestrian language that is unbefitting
of a governor.”

Below is the full text of the statement:


Our attention has been drawn to a recent statement by Gov. Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa state, while speaking in a kangaroo town hall meeting organised by the state government to mark democracy day in Adamawa, where he accused the administration of
former governor Bindow of recording no key achievements in
the areas of education. He was also quoted to have alleged that
Bindow plunged Adamawa state into huge debt without anything to show for collecting those loans.

We note that this new outburst is coming on the heels of similar
misleading claims, by Fintiri at a recent religious event in Yola,
where he first dropped the same allegations and unverified figures.

Given the way he has been repeatedly peddling erroneous information,
we are left with no other choice than rise to stoutly debunk the governor’s persistent pattern of lying against the Government of
Senator Bindow.

First, we want to point out that Fintiri’s unguarded outbursts have
been anything but politics, an unconscionable trash-talking, quite
unbecoming of a man that occupies the first most important political
office in Adamawa state.

The latest outburst from Fintiri, is consistent with the
litany of lies he has continued to unashamedly dish out to
unsuspecting Nigeria public.

Many Nigerians will recall much other falsehood he had voiced out at
various times including:

1) That the Bindow administration took 115 billion naira loan.

2) That the Governments of Bindow fails to tackle the rots in the education sector!

3) That he paid 10 billion naira as counterpart funding for UBEC from 2015 till 2019

4) That lack of his none performance since he assumed office was cause by repayment of loans taken by Bindow

We will not bother responding to some of these wild allegations since
most Nigerians are as flabbergasted, as we are, by their inanity. But
for others, we will still seek to offer some clarifications, despite
the fact that they are plain disingenuous fabrications.

We speak with certainty that the Bindow administration’s records in
infrastructural development, whether in the areas of roads, bridges and streetlights, power, information technology or schools, some of which had been confirmed by Fintiri’s own commissioner, are self-evident; and have remained the best till now.

Beyond his numerous roads and schools projects, including the renovation of major schools in three senatorial, the Bindow administration also built and renovates schools.

Curiously, Fintiri has continued to raise wide and baseless
allegations of embezzled money, without any piece of evidence. Again, we state that this fits into the kind of loose and pedestrian talk that is way beneath the level of a governor, especially as he is in a good position to know that the amount received by the Bindow administration and how it was spent.

It is clear that whenever Fintiri has nothing important to say to his
audience, he would launch an empty tirade, and resort to mentioning
fabulous sums of money, either purportedly mismanaged by the previous
administration, or spent by his own Government. Few weeks ago he lied
even against himself by claiming that he spent 10 billion on UBEC counterpart funding, when the actual amount recorded to have been paid
out by the Government for UBEC was far less than that.

It is sad that a governor will indulge in a spree of unending
lies and fabrications. What really is his motive? What will he gain
from it? Is it because of his hatred for former governor Bindow?
How long will he continue to tell these lies?

If the governor was really interested in moving Adamawa state forward why was he conveniently silent on the 31 billion naira he borrowed and how he spent it?

In the past one year, all of the governor’s speeches
had relentlessly centred on corruption allegations against the
previous government. However, as they say in the good old quip,
Fintiri is only good at finger pointing, without realizing that three
more of his fingers are pointing back, accusingly, at him.

Can he earnestly say that he has never been involved in corrupt
practices nor benefitted from the proceeds of corruption, since
assuming office as the governor? Can he claim that he is not
aware that some top officials of the administration were complicit in
awarding contrct to her own company was recently appointed by fintiri into another boards member.

From all indications, the governor, like the ostrich, prefers to feign
ignorance of the high volume of corruption going on in his own
Government. We wish to point out that he has never for once spoken out
against the unprecedented skewed pattern of appointments, which we
believe, will eventually see this Government go down in history as the
most nepotic and tribalistic government from 1999 till date.

Fintiri’s silence over the mass kidnapping for ransom in Adamawa and the maiming of innocent citizens by the shila boys has continued to echo loudly in the conscience of Adamawa residents.

In 2015 the Bindow Government inherited a debt profile of about 45 billion naira!

Can Fintiri look his electorates gathering in the eye and tell
them what the state Government has done with these billions collected from FAAC for the past one year. Even the 31 billion naira he collected as loan was the highest any government in Adamawa can borrow in less than a year in office”, the amount only floats in the air, because there are no facts on the ground to justify that.


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