EXCLUSIVE: This woman awarded contract to her own company. Today, she’s appointed as member one in Fintiri’s cabinet

As a top education officer holding command position, she abused public trust and was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Realising that she had been boxed into a tight corner, with clear evidence of guilt laid bare before her, the officer sang like a canary as she confessed her thievery of public fund.

Sullen and distraught, she begged authorities, offering to be given another appointment as government house source claim she made her way up with connection with the SSG and a Vice Chancellor of a federal university in Yola, those familiar with the matter told THE FINDER.

She did not want to be prosecuted or publicly humiliated over the matter. Her traducers empathised with her, accepted her offer, secretly reprimanded her and allowed her the freedom to enjoy the remainder of her illegal enriching herself by given contract of 16 million naira to her company when she was the acting chairperson of Adamawa UBEC.

But that Woman — Fadimatu Alfa, a former acting chairperson of Adamawa UBEC — who got away with a slap on the wrist after awarding contract of sixteen million naira to her company in defiance of procurement law in Adamawa and Nigeria  while in service, has now bounced back, emerging one of  Fintiri’s appointee.

Penultimate week, Governor Fintiri appointed her to take charge of the state UBEC acting chairperson in the absence of the chairman, as permanent member one Fadimatu Alfa will automatically become the acting chairperson if the chairman is not on seat according to the law setting up Adamawa state UBEC.

Mrs Fadimatu Alfa was a former acting chairperson of Adamawa state UBEC board retires from active service in October and was immediately compensated with the position of acting chairperson despite overwhelming evidence of illegally enriching herself through awarding sixteen million naira contract to her own company.

THE FINDER investigation shows that one of the companies used by Mrs Alfa was actually hers and that of her children.

Those familiar with the matter said top government officer in Adamawa government house and a vice chancellor with a federal university in Adamawa lobbied Fintiri to appoint her despite the overwhelming evidence of corruption exposed by this news medium.

Our source told this medium that the then acting person of UBEC said when confronted, Mrs Fadimatu Alfa admitted wrongdoing. And being a public servant, it was illegal for her to directly give contract to her company as same issue sent John Elias to prison in Yola.

Is Fintiri aware?

It remains unclear Sunday morning if Governor Ahmadu Fintiri was aware of Mrs Fadimatu Alfa’s involvement in the looting of Adamawa through given sixteen million naira contract to her company. Spokesperson Solomon Kummangar did not answer or return multiple calls from one of our reporters.

But a government house official, who asked not to be named because he has no permission to grant media interviews, said, “I can tell you that there is no way the governor would have ignored that kind of matter to appoint her if he were made aware.”

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