Nigerians demand sack of Fintiri’s UBEC appointee, Fadimatu Alfa busted for awarding multim illion naira contract to her company

Demands intensified this week for the sack of Fadimatu Alfa Governor Fintir’s appointee appointed as member one at UBEC, fuelled by THE FINDER report that uncovered her sordid past as one of those who stole Adamawa’s wealth through given contract to her own company.

The article, published exclusively on Sunday, detailed how Mrs Alfa, a retired civil servants and a former acting chairperson of the Adamawa state Universal basic education board, gave multimillion naira public funds contract to her company in contravention of the state public procurement laws.

At least sixteen million the illegal contract fund awarded to her company by Mrs Alfa was later detected by discreet investigation by The Finder and other newspapers.

Although Mrs Alfa, remained politically active post retirement — running for substantive position for the chairman of the board until Mr Fintiri unveiled her earlier this month as member one at ADSUBEB.

The appointees took official oath last week, and Mrs Alfa appeared first to be busted for fraud, marking yet another indication that the State government led Fintiri did not properly scrutinise the appointee during the nomination process to establish their fitness for office or have soft spot for corruption.

Mrs Alfa declined multiple requests for comments from THE FINDER, and the governor’s spokesman also failed to speak on the record to confirm whether or not the governor had prior knowledge of the corrupt past act of his problematic appointee.

Nigerians and Adamawa residents have stated their outrage since the publication, with many calling on the governor to waste no time in dismissing member one at ADSUBEB, Yola.

“The question at this point is not about whether Mrs Alfa would make a competent appointee in the board considering her background of been a former acting chairperson,” political analyst Festus Michika told THE FINDER. “It is about her corrupt past haunting and distracting her from her serving the state at a time like this.”

“We cannot allow affliction to resurface under an administration that is throwing resources at fighting corruption,” Mr Festus added.

Nigerians on social media have also been gripped by the revelations, calling for the immediate ouster of Mrs Alfa.

On Twitter, user feared the governor may not do anything to Mrs Alfa because of the alleged connection she has with the SSG and the Vice chancellor of the federal university at Yola: “@Rony37220245, They only people that are looters by Fintiri are APC members or those appointed by Bindow, PDP is “saints”. This goes a long way to suggest that PDP and Fintiri are not fighting any corruption. They are romancing corruption.”


THE FINDER wrote on Fadimatu Alfa’s involvement in corrupt practices during her tenure as acting chairman of the board.  A thing like this wouldn’t have escaped thorough scrutiny without some cover ups by relevant agencies/institution. Now that it is public, Nigerians deserve an explanation.

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