Communal clash: Protesters boo Fintiri, Deputy in Guyuk

Protesters on Monday booed Governor Fintiri and his deputy in Guyuk local government area of Adamawa state when the governor and his deputy travelled to Guyuk to “sympathise” over recent communal clash involving Lunguda and Wajja tribe in the state.

A video circulated on social media showed hundreds of protesters on the road while the governor’s convoy drove past.

“Fintiri, we don’t like you. We don’t want you anymore,” the protesters chanted in Hausa.

Guyuk and lamurde, including Numan, is a stronghold of Mr Fintiri’s PDP which overwhelmingly won the elections in the state in 2019.

The worsening security situation in the state appears, however, to be turning the residents against the governor who enjoyed tremendous support there.

“He is paying a sympathy visit to the government and people of Guyuk following the recent horrific incident in which communal clash claims lives of several residents of the local council Mr. Fintiri’s aide wrote.

THE FINDER reported how the Guyuk residents blame Crowther Seth, Fintiri’s deputy for harbouring their attackers.

Lunguda elders told revealed to the Governor that what has been happening in the area is never a communal clash between Lunguda and Waja as it is wrongly defined; rather it is a well scripted and executed attack on Lunguda community.

While buttressing their point, the stakeholders called the attention of the Governor to the Lunguda communities razed down at the wake of the attacks which according to them the gun men always come from somewhere to attack Lunguda communities mostly at night

On Monday, the governor was accompanied by the deputy governor, the heads of security agencies in Adamawa state and other state government officials.

Mr Fintiri was immediately driven into Guyuk local government town amidst tight security mounted by the army and the police.

During the visit, Mr Fintiri told the Lunguda residents that his government was committed to improving the security in Adamawa State.

“I assure you that improvement in security will be pursued vigorously,” Mr Fintiri was quoted as saying by his media aides.


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