2023: Bury third term agenda, Hong/Gombi Youths tells Captain Buba

For this smoke not to be strange to us. Hong/Gombi Youths therefore, calls on Hong/ Gombi constituency to be vigilant and thwart any attempt to take the constituency for a ride once again.

We advise our representative for Hong/Gombi, Captain Buba to use his last term in office to create legacies that will place him on the good pages of history, including setting the two local councils on a legacy path that will allow the constituent units of Nigeria to develop and maximize path instead of pursuing any ruinous agenda,” they added.

The leader of the group, Mr. Haniel David told this news medium that it will be a joke taken too far if Buba make the mistake of contesting in 2023 as we are waiting for him to give accountability of his stewardship any moment from now.

“Enough is enough he is not the only capable hands we have in Hong/Gombi constituency, in 2023 we appeal to him to bury his ambition let others too have a look at the National assembly as attempt he make will be resisted in 2023” the youths warn.

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