Gombi/Hong Has No Representation In The house of Representative, Says Mapida Ikurnyi

Mapida Ikurnyi, who will be contesting Gombi/Hong Federal constituency  seat with Yusuf Captain Buba in 2023, today expressed horror to discover that the area lacks representation in the lower House, Mr. Buba’s office having been discovered to be “shut” in the last one year after 2019 election!

Mapida made the revelation in a detailed statement explaining efforts by youths from Gombi/ Hong to access constituency office of the Rep member prove abortive after 2019 election.

“To say the least, this is appalling!” the statement said.  “Even the privileged few of the Gombi/Hong indigenes cannot boast of access to our Buba’s Office, let alone the oppressed majority. It is clear that we, the people of Gombi/Hong, do not have a representative in the House of representative, more so, our voice as a people has for long been completely silenced in the green chamber.”

He stressed that his side has always maintained that Mr. Buba lacks a modicum of not picking or answering his phone calls after 2019 election.


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