‘Campaign for a third term for Captain Buba would lead to anarchy in Adamawa’ –Group tells Adamawa APC

As was in the last days of the era of the late General Sani Abacha, Nigeria’s dictator (1993 to 98), when sycophants fell over each other begging him to continue in office as head of state, there have been growing calls by some  group from Gpmbi/Hong for Yusuf Captain Buba  to seek a third term in office come 2023.

The secretary Justice frontier, argued that the campaign for a third term for Captain Buba would lead to anarchy in Adamawa. In a statement signed by   Mr. Heyela Warfaniyi, the group said the campaign was a throwback to the era of the former military President General Ibrahim Babangida and Abacha.

”It is wrong for Buba to assume that Gombi/Hong Federal constituency cannot not function well if he is not given ticket for third term. The argument by the proponents of Buba’s third want the spirit of fair justice for all to be jettison for Captain Buba in 2023.

The Committee for the Defence of Gombi/Hong constituent’s  Rights (CDGHCR) a  non-governmental organisation has also condemned the endorsement of the third term bid by  those he claim never meant well for the people of Gombi/ Hong describing the statement credited to him Buba’s supporters as ”shameful and which smacks of opportunism”.

Worried that the current member, Yusuf captain Buba was toeing the lines of the former senate president, David Mark, the CDGHR described the recently reported third term ambition of Yusuf Captain Buba as the highest form of insult on the collective integrity of Gombi/Hong by the current member.

”The third term ambition of Yusuf Captain Buba  is a clear testimony to the alleged disdain the current member held is constituents, which is reminiscent of the adoption of the late General Abacha’s self-succession bid in 1998. The CDGHR enjoined the people of Gombi/Hong to express their concern against the third term bid to save the nascent democratic experiment and peace from being truncated.

”This third term ambition of Buba is frightened. The insensitivity towards his constituents after 2019 election is part of the third term agenda.

”If Buba’s supporters and other political appointees use the same zeal with which they are promoting third term to find solutions to the problem bedevilling the people of Gombi/Hong federal constituency, most of the people of Gombi/Hong would be contented and it is the people who would urge him to have third term of office not that it would be forced down their throats,” he said.

The chairman Adamawa first initiative, has restated its opposition to the alleged third term agenda, stressing that the people of Gombi/Hong will reject any attempt to extend the tenure of any political office holder.

A communiqué at the end of their meeting this week in Hong and signed by the publicity secretary of the organisation, Mr. Elijah Paul, stated that the group stands for fairness, equity and justice in its involvement in the political issues in the country.

”The Gombi/Hong people are known for fairness, equity and justice as epitomised by other reps. Members before the advent of Captain Yusuf tenure. Following that tradition and our long struggle against dictatorship and subversion of the rule of law, the people of Gombi/Hong rejects any attempt to elongate, extend or perpetuate the tenure of Yusuf Captain Buba and other elected officials,” the communiqué said.


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