Gombi/Hong: “Rep. Captain Buba Yusuf fertiliser distribution cannot guarantee his third term Agenda”, Says Mapida

Mapida Ikwurnyi, Secretary Justice Frontier, on Wednesday said that plans to distribute fertiliser in Gombi/Hong federal constituency by the member representing Gombi/Hong in the Nigerian House of representative was a Greek-gift that cannot guarantee his third term ambition.

Buba, who is the member representing Gombi/Hong in the Nigerian House of representative won his second term narrowly in the 2019 general election is eyeing the seat for third time, an agenda been rejected by members of his constituency.

In a statement sent to the The Finder, Mr Ikwurnyi Mapida condemned the Buba’s decision to commercialise his third term ambition by distributing fertiliser to some members of his constituency as an afterthought.

Buba has made his office and himself inaccessible for ordinary people in Gombi/Hong.

He said one of the reasons the people of Gombi/Hong fell apart with Buba was due to the non-picking of stakeholder’s calls after 2019 election.

The statement reads, “The Justice Frontier forum had sharply disagreed with the obnoxious decision of Captain Yusuf Buba to distribute fertiliser when most farmers have finish planting waiting for harvest.

“The good people of Gombi/Hong should be wary of this proposed change of heart as it does not in any way represent a genuine love for the masses.

“It’ is a manipulative Greek gift and decoy solely intended to swindle the people of their conscience to support his third term agenda come 2022.

“A man who has refused to listen to the agitations of the people on the matter of  excessive absent of constituency projects in Gombi/Hong under Buba’s watch; Buba decide to make himself available now  when defeat at the polls come 2022 if he decide to contest has become his constant nightmare

“Buba’s proposed gift should be rejected for what it truly is, it is Greek and unnecessary now after many farmers had finished planting waiting for harvest.”


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