Third term: Rep. Yusuf Captain Buba comes under heavy criticism due to his sit tight syndrome which is typical of African leaders

After previously declaring his intent to campaign for a third term, A member of the state working committee of All Progressive Congress in Adamawa state  on Sunday declared in a surprise announcement that  Rep. Captain Yusuf  Buba will not seek re-election as member representing Gombi/Hong federal constituency in 2022.


A member of the SWC who pleaded anonymity, penned an op-ed in The Finder  saying Rep., Yusuf Captain Buba is bowing out of another run for office to spare citizens and his family from experiencing a bitter campaign in which opponents are likely to scrutinize his opinions on wide issues and his activities in the green chamber in the past years.

“As much as Yusuf love serving our great party and the people of Gombi/Hong as their representative, it is more important for me and some members of the SWC of APC in Adamawa state to be able to sleep with a clear conscience and to fight the fight that needs to be fought at this pivotal time.

The APC scribe wrote. “While we are willing to fight that fight, we are not willing to put our party through the ugliness of the third term campaign of that will follow, as he has already served out his goodwill.”

Captain Yusuf Buba will continue to serve as Rep. Member through the end of his current term, which expires in June 2023. In text message he personally sent to THE FINDER, He hinted that he will contest in 2022 and that Gombi/Hong elites “cannot play God”, although Buba has not make any formal declaration for his third term inordinate ambition.

In an exclusive interview with THE FINDER, a member of the Adamawa state SWC of the APC said that the SWC of the party is in a fix over Buba’s third term bid, “He had been contemplating the decision to seek another term for the past six months.

In recent months, Buba has come under heavy criticism due to his sit tight syndrome which is typical of African leaders; Buba has increasingly become more vocal of his criticism of Gombi/Hong elites for not supporting his third bid.

The APC said he believes that these are goals worth fighting for and that the SWC of the APC in Adamawa want to back down from Buba’s third bids because it will “cost us politically if Buba is given ticket on our platform.”


APC’s abrupt reversal of Buba’s re-election plans bookends a political ascent that was quite sudden.

“Traditional spirit, new energy” was Buba’s campaign theme. He sought to capitalize on long-time ties to the city of his birth while emphasizing his relative youth and status as an outsider to political power brokers.

Soon enough, Captain Yusuf Buba would need every bit of goodwill that his electoral success could muster. Buba, and his third term supporters he led, would be sorely tested in his plan third term ambition.

Despite some of this rancor recorded late in his first term, Buba kept his citywide approval relatively high and his coalition together. In a city where a majority of voters continued to back PDP candidates in state and federal elections, Buba faced no PDP candidate at all in his 2019 re-election bid. He easily overcame minor primary opposition to secure a second term.


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