“Ishaku Abbo is the worst Senator PDP has ever produced” – Adamawa PDP chairman, A.T Shehu

The People’s Democratic Party chairman in Adamawa state has taken exception to the claims made by the senator representing Adamawa north senatorial district in the Nigerian Senate, Ishaku Abbo that he whole heartedly bankrolls the activities of the party in the northern Zone in Adamawa for three years

In an exclusive interview with THE FINDER in Yola, the Adamawa state PDP chairman, A.T Shehu, noted that Adamawa PDP had become frustrated as a result of the immature behaviour and childish outburst of Ishaku Abbo against elders, party leaders and even his followers on the social media

According to Shehu, the party battle so hard to get power having battle the federal might and a sitting Governor only for party leaders to witness erratic and childish behaviour from one of the senator that won election on PDP platform in Adamawa.

“It is unfortunate for us to have the worst senator in the whole of the country, as the chairman of the party who pioneer this party to success of which Abbo cannot dispute that am part of it, I feel sad to have this fellow as senator representing Adamawa north in the Nigerian senate.

“I can tell you without fear or contradiction, I challenge Abbo to produce a receipt or bank slip that he contributed ten thousand naira to Adamawa PDP, Senator Abbo did not contribute a single kobo to the PDP in Adamawa state, we don’t receive money in cash, we have bank accounts of the party that every one that wish to contribute to the party use.

“if Abbo can show you any evidence of contribution to the party, called me whatever name you feel like, Abbo is lucky to come from same senatorial zone with the sitting Governor of the state, he would have been recall since, as am speaking to you most members of his constituents have been pushing for his recall, but due to the intervention of the Governor.

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