Why Governors must order reopening of universities under their control

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been urged not to hold students to ransom anymore, while bargaining with the federal government for improved conditions of service. The demand of ASUU for better welfare is commendable, but ASUU as a union should take into cognisance that the economy of the country cannot meet their bogus demands.

For instance the issue of the IPPIS been kicked against by ASUU is only use by the FG on Federal civil servants,  most of the Nigeria civil servants have been enrolled on this platform despite raising eye brows, ASUU bluntly kick as it claiming to have reservation about it.

One wonders why ASUU is afraid of IPPIS, most Vice Chancellors have been accused of complicity with the issue of over bloating of staff salaries within their institutions, if ASUU has nothing to hide why ASUU rejecting IPPIS, while severally civil servants were forced to swallow this bitter pill of IPPIS.

As for states universities they should know that they are under control of states government, IPPIS does not in any way apply to them, in as much we know that they are solidarity with their counterpart working under FG pay roll, the Governors should immediately order the reopening of states owned Universities and sanction any staff that fails to report to work, based on my knowledge of union activities, ASUU is not an employer of labour, if FG and states government allow the union to determine when Universities will be open to students then we are doomed to this country.

They are limitations on solidarity, enough of state government owned state Universities solidarity with ASUU members that are on FG payroll, ASUU as a union is self-centred, I support the FG decision to stop salaries of lecturers that fails to enrol on IPPIS from November.  It is high timing both the state and FG enforces no work no pay to bring defiant ASUU members to their senses. University like Gombe state where staff are not owe a kobo by the state government, only for the unionist to force students out of first semester examination hall in solidarity with ASUU. I passionately appeal to Governors to end this madness of solidarity strikes.

Most of the students that are out of school due to ASUU strike are being used by organisers of protest and the opposition politicians in this country to create tension, as disgruntled politicians are now are ready to engage in any act to bring the present government of President Buhari to her kneels.

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