FACT-CHECK: Documents show Adamawa deputy speaker lied against State Polytechnic management, in course delisting claim

The claim by the Deputy Speaker, Adamawa State House of assembly, Pwamwakeno Mackondo that the management of the state-owned Polytechnic in Yola has delisted many courses from the Numan campus of the Polytechnic to the main campus in Yola is false, an investigation by THE FINDER has shown.

Also untrue, our findings show, is Mr Mackondos claim that most of TETFUND contracts accrued to the Numan branch of the polytechnic have been diverted to Yola.

In his controversial statement before his colleague during plenary, the deputy speaker claim “CABS is the only fully operational campus in the whole southern zone which comprises 9 Local Government Areas, and that the education and economic importance of the institution in the area cannot be overemphasised.


He stated that the college has also created employment opportunities for their electorate such as business centres, estate development, trading and host of others, adding that its proximity has also encouraged enrollment of teeming youths.


He added that it also reduces the financial burden of aspiring youth who desire to further their education thereby increasing enrollment, urging the House to take necessary action to rescue the college from dismantling or total collapse.


Rt. Hon. Pwamwakeno Mackondo called on the House to direct for the revert of the courses, compensation of the college with state government and TETFUND projects and the invitation of the Rector to appear before the House in order to explain reasons behind delisting of courses”.

But in a curious move, Mr Mackondo fails to properly investigate all the claims before rushing to the plenary to mislead his colleague about all the allegations he levelled against the polytechnic management.


But THE FINDER can report authoritatively today that Mr Mackondo was economical with the truth as far as this particular course delisting from Numan branch of the college is concerned.

The no course offered in the Numan branch of the polytechnic has been delisted or move to Yola as the claim by the deputy speaker, neither is any TEFUND contract move from the Numan branch to the main campus.

In his submission to the Adamawa state House of assembly, sighted by this newspaper, Mr Mackondo, contrary to what he told his colleague, did not indicate anywhere the names of courses move from Numan to Yola and the TETFUND contract that should be situated in Numan that was moved to Yola

CONCLUSION: Mr Mackondo’s submission to ADSHA does not support his claim that the courses are delisted from Numan to Yola branch of the polytechnic.


Documents reviewed by this newspaper as well as interviews with those who should know also indicate that all the courses offered in the polytechnic since the inception of the branch are intact and that the new administrative block in Numan is also a product of TETFUND  contract.


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