Fighting back against Mackondo’s lies is the only way to prevent ADSHA integrity.

Since his election into the Adamawa state House of Assembly, Mackondo has continually looking for any excuse to display his ethnic bigotry, as he currently blamed his imaginary corruption and fraud he tied to Adamawa state polytechnic management for his deficit, despite absolutely no evidence of all the rhetoric he made as submission in the plenary penultimate Friday.

Mackondo has clung to the idea that he won in 2019 because he will eventually champion his ethnic bigotry instead of state and national interest when it comes to issues, despite no evidence to back his lies, Mackondo goofed by making unsubstantiated allegations that most courses offered at the Numan campus of state polytechnic have been moved to Yola also TETFUND projects meant for the Numan campus of the polytechnic is also moved to the main campus.

Some members of civil society organization in Adamawa and the media have dismissed Mackondo’s preposterous claims. But baselessness does not mean these claims cannot have a major political impact in the future.

How can the Speaker, Adamawa State House of Assembly allow his deputy to spewed innuendos in the plenary to the chagrin of the public? It is most unfortunate to make baseless allegations and still set up a committee to investigate the same issue that Mackondo as an interested party has already formed an opinion on the issue.

The Finder fact check shows that the Deputy Speaker did not only lie but making an unguarded statement in the plenary without adequate knowledge of the happening in the polytechnic has brought the entire house into a comedy cinema hall and a laughing stock.

Where did Mackondo get this lies call investigation from, it is from beer parlour gossip? Or it is an attempt to hoodwink the management of the institution to do bidding that is yet to be unravelled.

Despite Mackondo claims, there is nowhere in the document seen by this news medium to suggest that the deputy speaker know his onions by listing the imaginary courses moved from the Numan campus of the Polytechnic to the main campus at Yola, not even a mention of any TETFUND projects that are meant for Numan that is also relocated to Yola.

What might have push Mackondo to advertised his ignorance in public? Or he has failed to understand that the Polytechnic under Gov. Fintiri built and equipped the new administrative building in the Numan campus of the polytechnic via TETFUND.

Therefore, Aminu Abbas led House of Assembly leadership in Adamawa cannot simply dismiss the deputy speaker false claims and lies in the plenary penultimate Friday.

Instead, they need a strong counterstrategy, which not only emphasizes it corruption but also a legislative agenda that will restore the integrity of the house to the electorate, as most people now see the members as a gathering of those that sing praises of those that do their bidding and ridicule those that declined with them on “mu fanchi juna” a local parlance Hausa meaning “let us understand ourselves”


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