Misleading claims: Pwamwakeno Mackondo, not fit to remain as Deputy Speaker, Adamawa State House of Assembly; Group insists.

 The chairman Adamawa first initiative has again restated its earlier declaration regarding the suitability of Pwamwakeno Mackondo to continue to preside over the affairs of the Adamawa state House of Assembly as Deputy Speaker. 


“A traitor will always be a traitor, however the time and place. The House must do everything possible to put Mackondi where he rightly belongs – the back seat. 


He is not a fit and proper person to preside over the state’s assembly and revered legislative house”, the group said in a statement by its chairman, Ibrahim Luka. 


According to the civil society organisation, in every democratic state, the position of the deputy speaker is one of the highest political offices one can attain in any state in Nigeria. 


“It is a position reserved for the best of the best, experienced and exemplary politicians who by their character and conduct in public offices, the younger generation look up to as role models”.


 It said in terms of exemplary personage, the reverse is the case in respect of Mackondo “who has been a dismal failure and has been involved in one controversy or the other – filibustering, legislative rascality, sabotage of matters of state interest, among other things too numerous to mention”. 


“Mackondo will go down in our state’s history as the worst deputy speaker in Adamawa has had the misfortune to have. 


Since his usurpation of the coveted seat, achieved through religious and ethnic bigotry, it has been from one controversy to another – lack of transparency in the utilisation of the recent 40 million naira constituency projects given to all the assembly members in Adamawa. 


“Mackondo is not an excellent example of political leadership. All over the world, the hallmark of a legislature was known to be unbiased or allow their interest to override state interest, but opposite in the case when it comes to Mackondo that has front ethnic consideration in all his legislative duties. 


“Even at the full clear error made by Mackondo in the plenary by passing judgement before setting up an investigative committee to investigate where interest his lie, Mackondo still dares to present himself as the deputy speaker over a case that he is an interested party. 


Political ambition should be made of nobler stuff. “One is of course not surprised as Mackondo’s greed, selfishness, disregard for protocol is responsible for his misleading claims about the state polytechnic management and constituted authority is well-reported. 


The question is not IF he will accuse another government agency again of neglect if Mackondo’s interest is not served, but WHEN he will do so. Such mean men are not interested in the Adamawa of our dreams”, the group added.



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