Ishaku Abbo’s defection: The chicken has come home to roost, By Nicodemus Mikailu.

When some of us the Adamawa residents spoke up about giving PDP ticket to Ishaku Abbo who is a political neophyte in 2019, his party labelled us detractors; when the opposition party and concerned leaders spoke up against given the party ticket to Abbo on a platter of gold, they characterized them as power-hungry and exponents of Janjaweed ideology.

From the onset, I know Ishaku Abbo lacks work experience and exposure to managing the fame that is associated with senate seat; I remember some of his few supporters in Mubi called us APC opposition collaborators, apologists or even pawns. Abbo is ridiculed as incompetent by some us that see tomorrow.

Whatever the case may be, it is surprising for Abbo to call Fintiri a small man in a big office if there is anyone that the office is more significant than between Abbo and Fintiri it is Abbo, as Fintiri was a speaker then acting governor and governor, history has it that Abbo has no public service experience, this fellow has been in the eyes of the storm right from his first attempt to work with the Nigerian Navy in 2004.

Media houses widely reported that Abbo was rejected for testing positive to HIV despite passing the Naval test, that’s not all, the stench from the fowl ass was blown open after Abbo was caught assaulting a lady in a sex toy shop in Abuja.

Before the sex toy assault, Sahara TV also interviewed a photographer, and he complained bitterly how Abbo order that he should be detained for requesting for his money, to mention but few is some of the characters exhibited by Ishaku Abbo since he accidentally found himself in the senate.

No thanks to the APC for fielding a female candidate against Abbo in 2019, as I bet to disagree that Abbo cannot win his male folks in any election contest in Adamawa.  In 2019 PDP primary, no popular candidate contested with Abbo in PDP primary for Adamawa north senatorial ticket of the PDP.

Fast forward to development, since Abbo was sworn into the senate, no developmental story has ever emanated from this fellow, and immediately he was declared the winner by INEC, Abbo was caught Assaulting a lady in an adult sex toy shop, I watch with disdain how he loves to be called “daddy” by ladies around him, but no single actions of Abbo have ever portrayed him a father.

But now, Abbo claims Fintiri has taken over the party, and that is responsible for his defection. Still, the truth of the matter is that every state governor of either APC or PDP is leaders of the party in their respective state; if Abbo who could not tolerate dissenting view physically or on social media could refer to another person as a dictator forgetting that His actions have portrayed him as a temperamental person.

Abbo in his daydream thinks he can be anything in APC as it is laughable for a cockroach to announce his presence in the gathering of fowls.  It is same greed he as accused the governor of that he is displaying today, I challenge Abbo to win even a councillorship primary in APC in 2023, and I will commit suicide. Politically Abbo is not on the ground Anywhere in Adamawa apart from his presence on Facebook, which cannot translate to votes in 2023.


Now Abbo has joined the APC thinking he can actualize his ambition of becoming Adamawa governor, despite being optimistic, he should have read the writings on the wall that he has no vacancy in APC for him to actualize his inordinate ambition, as giants line up to contest for the gubernatorial party ticket in 2023, like Shehu Sani and Dino Melaye, Ishaku Abbo has used his hand to commit suicide due to ego, in as much we believe our destiny is in God’s hand we should also enquire from God or his prophet to foretell our future.


I don’t see Abbo getting in even ten votes in APC primary-come 2023, either way, whether he chooses to contest for senate or governorship. No Adamawa residents will like to entrust Abbo with any leadership position from now. Hence, he is yet to give stewardship on the senate mandate given to him for more than a year today; instead, he abandoned his duty for Fintiri.


He went crazy about Fintiri to divert attention from his failure as a senator. How can the people Abbo trampled upon with disdain, so unloved, So abused, so oppressed, so deceived, so cheated, so raped, so robbed by an elected leader and his small cabal, and yet live in peace?


Not just Adamawa north, the reality is that our whole state is a Trauma Center since Abbo went to the senate.  Citizens across the state have all been traumatized beyond belief by Ishaku Abbo who by our error of judgment and history is ruling today.


There is rot, incompetence, callousness, clannishness, ineptitude, a scale of corruption and a level of impunity that is emanating from Ishaku Abbo since he accidentally found himself in the senate.


The stench is so putrid; you can smell it far north, far east, far south, and far west. That is why things are falling apart, that is why the centre isn’t holding, that is why anarchy is upon Adamawa north today, that, I submit the reason for and our most tremendous trauma.


Adamawa north, your silence is at its loudest decibels. Things get worse because you fail to speak. You have a voice! It’s your vote! The time is now! You must arise, you must save, you must rescue, you must redeem, you must rehabilitate, you must rejuvenate, and you must restore your lives, your families, your people, your land, your state.


Abbo deceived his people by hauling insults on Fintiri daily to score a cheap political point, other senators from Adamawa including Reps organizes empowerment for their constituencies’ exception of Abbo.

Something is wrong! How did this egregious one from Muchalla emerge as a senator? If being a glorify philanthropist is the qualification, there are far brighter patriots that engage in community service without showcasing it on social Media.

How did cluelessness and insensitivity emerge? How did non-existent moral fabric become the blanket in the senate representing us in

Adamawa north?

We can’t go on like this.

We just cannot.


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