Ishaku’s boast draws laughter during his visit to Ganye.

The senator representing, Adamawa north in the Nigerian Senate Ishaku Abbo boast about his plans to be sworn in as the next governor of Adamawa come 2023 provoked chuckles from an audience at a wedding ceremony attended by Ishaku Abbo in Ganye on Tuesday.

While Abbo appeared surprised at the time — and said as much — he later claimed to reporters that that part of his speech “was meant to get some laughter.”

Abbo, in his address before guests at a wedding ceremony in Ganye, bragged that he would take over as the next governor of Adamawa state.”

It’s a line of rhetoric Abbo has repeated often in interviews and at campaign-style rallies since he was sworn into the senate. 

But this time, the claim was not met with applause.

Abbo’s audience first reacted to the statement with muted laughs, prompting the senator himself to follow up with levity, as well.

“Gaskiya,” Abbo said as he cracked a smile, which in turn raised the volume of the laughter in the wedding ceremony venue.

Ishaku Abbo has long decried past APC leaders especially Senator Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who Abbo has shown no regard for since his dramatic cross carpeting to APC.  


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