Fintiri Eulogises pension chairman, Thomas Madi’s Dedication, Service to Adamawa

The Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, has eulogised the flawless dedication and selfless service to Adamawa State of the state pension chairman, Thomas Madi, saying that the people and government of the state would forever remain grateful to him, as he has brought accountability and transparency to pension administration in Adamawa state.

Fintiri made the remarks when he paid an unscheduled visit to the board headquarters in Yola.

Fintiri commended the dedication and commitment to work of Thomas Madi. 

 The governor told the chairman that he was in his office to personally clarify the disbursement of the recent 1.5 billion naira allocated to the board; Mr Thomas Madi took his time to reel out the fund’s disbursement pensioner to the governor. 

The visibly elated governor after listening to the explanation of the chairman said, “wherever there is money there tend to be speculation, sometimes speculations are doubt, I don’t think it has ever happened, particularly in the political era, some of them think they can play politics with every good effort the government is making, the management I appointed to head this place is carefully selected, and they are men and women of integrity, and am always sure of them they will always do right to all manner of people”, Fintiri said. 


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