Again Ishaku Abbo caught in another web of lies in claiming to have influence Michika/Madagali bridge project. 

The claim by the Senator representing Adamawa north in the Nigerian Senate, Ishaku Abbo, that he influences the construction of the Michika/Madagali bridge project is false, an investigation by THE FINDER has shown.


Also untrue, our findings show is Mr Abbo’s claim that he influences the reconstruction of the Mubi-Vimtim-Bazza road.


In his controversial Facebook post, Abbo again was caught in an egregious claim that it was due to his influence that the recent work been carried out on Michika/Madagali bridge was made possible.


THE FINDER, on several occasions, punctures Abbo’s lies in claiming to have influenced the road and bridge linking Michika and Madagali destroyed by Boko haram in 2014.


But THE FINDER can report authoritatively today that Mr Abbo was economical with the truth as far as this particular contract is concerned.


The contract was neither influenced by Ishaku Abbo nor had his input before the current work was kick-started on the Michika/Madagli Bridge and the Vimtim-Bazza road project.



In the NEDC memo to the Governor of six states that make up the Northeast Development Commission, the commission had asked each of the governors of the six states of Northeast to nominate any project that is of priority to them.


Governor Fintiri suggested reconstructing the Michika and Madagali bridge, not Abbo, contrary to his Facebook post.


The two projects name by Abbo on his Facebook post has not input of the ministry of works, as the Vimtim-Bazza road project was MCRP, a World Bank project given to Adamawa state government in 2016. Senator Jibrilla Bindow nominated the Vimtim-Bazza and Garkida road project, but Fintiri paid the counterpart funding.


The Federal Ministry for Works abandoned the Mararaba Mubi to Michika road projects after mobilising the contractors to the site.


It was the intervention of the Northeast Development commission through Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state that gives life to the current construction of the Michika/Madagali bridge projects, NEDC source told this medium.


CONCLUSION: Mr Abbo’s Facebook post suggesting to have influenced Vimtim-Bazza road projects and the Michika/ Mdagali bridge construction does not support his claim that the road and bridge were currently attended to due to his intervention.


Documents reviewed by this newspaper and interviews with those who should know also indicate that it was Governor Fintiri who nominated the Michika/Madagli bridge as a priority project for the NEDC to execute in Adamawa, not Ishaku Abbo.


They also showed that the Adamawa state government and the Federal government paid counterpart funding each for the Vimtim-Bazza road contract, which started in 2016 but was not funded till 2019 when Fintiri took over and paid.


Despite no record of any constituency projects since inauguration, Abbo continue his bogus claim of influencing critical projects in his home state of Adamawa.


He was caught red-handed laying claim to influencing the Garkida road project as well as electrification. Still, fact check for the umpteen times has punctured his serial lies and bogus claim.


We intend to find more information on why Mr Abbo fails to make a meaningful impact on his constituency rather than using the shadow of any intervention project in Adamawa to seek relevance.


Ishaku Abbo has no single contribution in constructing the Vimtim-Bazza road project or the Michika/Madagali bridge project for the record.


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