Your Dollarise candidate cannot unseat Fintiri, Kumangar tells APC national women leader.

The Director General, media, to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa state has said, any product of the recent dollarise primary of the All Progressive Congress in Adamawa can not unseat the governor.

Kumangar reacting to the statement credited to APC national women leader, Dr Betta Edu where she allege that the All Progressive Congress will unseat Governor Fintiri in 2023.

“This APC women is only relying on the media hype sponsored by it members of Adamawa, but yet to visit the state and see reality for herself.

“how can a party that is long dead and buried due to internal squabble over sharing formula for the dollars share to cajole most of the delegates in the recent APC governorship primary in Yola will unseat the governor?

“Current happening to the party of Adamawa has shown the are finish politically, very soon all their candiates at all level will join PDP and declare total support for Fintiri.

“Ordinary we won’t have to join issue with women leader, however the record should be set straight,
when there is no party structure of Adamawa how can such a political party boost of defeating a seating governor? Adamawa APC in total comatose, looking for who will pull its wreckage out of the state.

“As far as am concern APC no longer a political in Adamawa as very soon all the state exco will join the PDP

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