Who is afraid of Governor Umaru Fintiri?

The moment millions of Adamawa residents have been waiting for is finally within touching distance. You never know when Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s true supporters and those pretending to support him will show their true colours.

And that those Judas Iscariots are the governor’s close associates; regardless of how they smear other people’s names, accusing them of supporting the opposition, they are the ones doing the opposition’s bidding around the governor, so I expect one of the least-tough governorship elections ever. I pray for a fair and competitive election, as Fintiri has done since 2019.

Nobody can be more loyal than those far away from the governor, those working day and night to deliver their unit, and not most of those following the governor with malicious intent. What could be more loyal than that group that donates vehicles and empowers youths? those who abandon their political ambitions on the governor’s orders. I’ll bet my wristwatch that almost all of those who accuse others of working for the opposition are the ones doing the dirty work to paint those with good intentions black.

Like the governor always said, there is no opposition in Adamawa, which is 100 per cent correct; however, the only opposition he will face is that of those who dip their hands in the same plate as him to dish food.

It would appear the strongest candidate in Adamawa today is Fintiri. Without disrespect to other aspirants, Fintiri easily stands out for many reasons. No one has successfully maligned his integrity. His lifestyle exudes discipline and modesty.

In terms of public service experience, Fintiri has more than any other APC member. He was a member of the House of Assembly and later became the speaker of the house, a position he held without blemish; he was also the acting governor of Adamawa State at one point, which is a rich pedigree.

In 2019, he won votes virtually all by himself, without a discernible political structure beyond his street appeal. I don’t see any APC aspirant who has a more seductive CV. In Fintiri, PDP has a man of character, experience, and a significant street following. I say this without prejudice to the qualities and pedigrees of the other governorship aspirants.

If Fintiri’s uniqueness is so obvious, why are the judas Iscariot around him not too enthusiastic about him? A PDP chieftain told me recently: “We cannot win without Fintiri.” To strip that statement naked, he was simply saying the party needs Fintiri’s support base to win, but Fintiri himself cannot win as a candidate.

In truth, there are some fears that are not openly expressed. There is a latent fear among the Judas around the governor that allowing others to grow up politically will endanger affinity to Fintiri, and so they engage in the pulldown syndrome by reporting who is supporting the governor and who is against him within the PDP.

One thing that boggles my mind is that if any of the governor’s close associates are truly working for his reelection, that individual must be preoccupied with the massive responsibility placed on them and should not report those who work for or against the governor. Your Excellency, those who report other activities to you know that they are the ones against you, not those they are reporting.
Going forward, the Judas Iscariots within the governors’ camp should know that it is in their interest to realistically manage their Fintiri fears. Any misstep will be their doom. Meanwhile, APC seems to be in rude health, and they too will be watching the Fintiri scenario with a combination of anxiety and amusement. Let the game begin!



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