No right-thinking Nigerian will accept Hudu’s misdeed in Adamawa, Fintiri’s aide, replies Namdas.

No right-thinking person, according to the director general of media of Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, will endorse the conduct of the rogue REC, Yunusa Ari, for fraudulently proclaiming the APC candidate in Adamawa, Aishatu Binani, victor of the 2023 governorship polls.


In a conversation with our reporters, Solomon Kumangar slammed House of Representatives member Abdurazak Namdas, who was quoted as saying, “Nigerians will apologise to Hudu because he has proofed.


“No rational person can endorse the actions of the renegade REC that was brought to Adamawa State to subvert the will of the people by whatever means necessary.


I believe the person applauding Hudu’s action on a national television station made a mockery of the legislative knowledge he obtained in the green chamber by saying what he stated.

I’ve discovered one thing about these APC politicians: they are willing to tell lies in order to maintain their support base no matter what.”


Namdas’allegation that Hudu has documentation of illegally returning a winner is ludicrous given that a REC may only operate on delegated authority and that only the returning officer can make a return.


“They are only hiding under non-existence proof; whatever proof they have, they should make it public.” We knew Hudu’s assignment to Adamawa was predestined; in fact, those who supported him knew it.


“I believe it is not by chance that the opposition is flaunting different results sheets claiming they won; Hudu declared a non-existence result before being ferried out of Yola, and now we see another claiming to be from INEC.” We challenge them to explain the public where the overvoting occurred in Adamawa; in reality, one unit in Michika was cancelled due to overvoting as a result of one extra vote.


“The APC in Adamawa has run out of ideas for hoodwinking the people by using different politicians’ names; they should know that the people have rejected them despite vote inflation by their puppet, who was shown the way out of INEC.” Kummagar explained.

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