Wesley Bathiya: Disabled People Praise the People’s Democratic Party and Fintiri for Fostering Community.

Disabled people today flooded the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) headquarters in Abuja, to thank the party and Adamawa state governor Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri for promoting a disabled person to the position of speaker of the state assembly. This person’s name is Wesley Bathiya.

In addition, they expressed gratitude to the Adamawa state parliament for allowing people to have a say in government by electing Wesley Bathiya as speaker through a process of compromise.

They amassed in large numbers at the event’s front door, where they shouted their approval of Adamawa state governor Umaru Fintiri’s policies.

According to them, Fintiri, having adopted the disability law in Adamawa, has prioritised PWD issues by appointing one of our own as speaker of the house.

They say that by permitting one of our own to become speaker of the house, Fintiri has made PWDs’ problems a priority and is responsible for the domestication of the disability law in Adamawa.

James Lalu, executive secretary of PWD, said that Governor Fintiri was the first Nigerian governor to back a PWD’s bid to become a public speaker in Nigeria and Africa.

We’d like to spread the word that it’s only in the PDP, steered by Fintiri and allowing us to finally have a say, that we’ve felt the kind of acceptance for which we’ve been hoping.

“today we live a free and fulfilled life like any other person,” he says, thanks to Governor Fintiri’s domestication of the disability law in Adamawa.

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