Fintiri will start handing out N10,000 cash in August as a consolation for the loss of subsidies.

Employees and retirees of the Adamawa State Government would each receive N10,000 per month as a petrol subsidy removal stipend. Yola saw the launch of a state palliative package on Wednesday, which contained details regarding a six-month special allowance scheme.

Buses will be provided to transport workers between their homes and the state secretariat in Jimeta, where the majority of the ministries are located, announced Dr. Edgar Amos Sunday, chairman of the committee formed by the state government to determine the package, to newsmen at the Government House in Yola.

Sunday, who is also the Chief of Staff to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, stated that comparable buses will be made accessible to the public at lower costs so that people may travel to other local government areas.

The chief of staff also announced that Governor Fintiri has permitted the full implementation of the national minimum wage for local government employees beginning with the August payment.

He further stated that the state governor has sanctioned the purchase of 70 trucks of corn and 20 trucks of rice to be distributed at subsidised prices to citizens.

“The government will also purchase 50 trucks of fertiliser specifically for workers at a subsidised rate,” Sunday added.

According to him, a special committee was formed to offset the impact of subsidy termination, and these steps were included in their proposals.


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