Fintiri Relaxes Curfew in Adamawa to Improve Security

After hoodlums on Sunday stormed into government warehouses and carted away food and nonfood goods, the governor of Adamawa State imposed a 24-hour curfew throughout all 21 LGAs.

The meeting between security leaders and Government officials led by the Deputy Governor, Prof. Kaletapwa George Farauta, in the early hours of Monday morning resulted in the easing of the curfew.

To ensure compliance with the government’s directive and that criminals do not disrupt the peace of the State, the Deputy Governor addressed the Press shortly after the meeting and announced that the curfew had been reviewed from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and would be reviewed hourly while authorities maintained an increased security presence.

Parents were urged to bring their children and wards back to school, and businesses were told to open their doors again. However, she reminded the people to respect the curfew and cooperate with law enforcement if questioned.

The administration will not stand idly by while criminals threaten the safety of the State, Professor Farauta emphasised.

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