Don’t allow yourself to be used as a pawn by anti-democratic forces; Pro-Fintiri group Tells Adamawa youths.

Supporters of Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, also known as Fintiri continuity for good governance, have cautioned young people against falling for “anti-democratic forces'” tricks to demand payment from Fintiri.

In a statement released on Sunday, a group led by Pitapwa Vokito alleged that the governor had left them off the most current commissioner list presented to the Adamawa state House of Assembly, and they requested that the governor enter into social agreements with the youth before the 2023 election.

FCGG Secretary Mohammed Abash alleged at a press conference in Abuja on Sunday that the opposition political party in Adamawa is behind the claims that Governor Fintiri is excluding young people from decision making.

We must not rejoice in wrongdoing. Anyone who says the governor has forgotten about the youth is not telling the whole story. With no other governor having nominated more than 40 youths as advisers since the start of his second term journey, Governor Fintiri’s recent picks of 47 youths in this current hardship indicate his enthusiasm for Adamawa youths.

We kindly request that the undemocratic groups sponsored by the opposition not to manipulate the youth of Adamawa. Fintiri has the skills and stamina to make a difference, which he has done since 2019 to date.

Let’s take a deep breath and collect our thoughts. There is always going to be a victor and a vanquished in any battle, but if everyone can grow up and work together, everyone can win in the end,” Abash said.

The losers must have the guts to accept the results and work with the victorious party for the greater good of the state. Adamawa is more important than anyone’s own agenda.

To paraphrase, “young people who want to be leaders of the same state tomorrow must remember that if they allow desperado politicians to use them to destroy their today and tomorrow, they will have no tomorrow.”

The CSO group calls the allegation by one Pitapwa Vokito false and says that he is a known APC member being used to spread lies against the governor, since neither the governor’s allies nor any PDP members will engage in a smear campaign against the governor’s recent list of commissioners.

“We all observe when the governor requests that the party chieftains of the 21 local councils submit the names of three party members for each commissionership position so that all PDP members are aware and not the APC youths under the leadership of Vokito who assert that the governor has sidelined them.”


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