Fintiri swears in 23 new commissioners, says, “We Must Not Betray Our People’s Trust.”

‘Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has sworn in twenty-three commissioners to the cabinate.
Fintiri entrusted the commissioners with collaborating with heads of ministries, departments, and organisations to begin compiling necessary information from 2019.

The governor spoke today during the inauguration of the commissioners in the Executive Chamber of Government House in Yola.

The commissioners are: Hon. Felix Tangwami, assigned to the Ministry of Health; Adamu Atiku, assigned to the Ministry of Works and Enterprise Development; Hon. Ibrahim Mijinyawa, assigned to the Ministry of Local Government Affairs; Umar Garba Pella, assigned to the Ministry of Education; Augustina Wamdamiya, assigned to the Ministry of Finance; Illiya James, assigned to Entrepreneurship Development; Abdullahi Prambe, assigned to Urban and Housing Development; Anthony Birna Wunfe is dedicated to women and social development, Prof. Finchiwa David Jatau is dedicated to agriculture, Mrs. Nedo Geofrey Kafulto is dedicated to information, and Wali Yakubu is dedicated to youth development and sports. Titus Solomon will oversee rural infrastructure, Tijjani Maksha will oversee livestock, Ayuba Tanko will oversee water resources, Usman Abdullahi will oversee special tasks, Haruna Ibrahim will oversee mineral resources, Emmanuel Piridimso will oversee budget and planning, Ishaya Dabari will oversee commerce and industry, and AK Jingi will oversee justice and Hamman Diram to rehabilitation.

He informed them (commissioners) that his second term would be a consolidation phase, with the goal of expanding on the foundations that had previously been created. Against this backdrop, the 11-Point Agenda has been re-calibrated and renamed the 8-Point Agenda.

The team we are assembling today must have the bravery, determination, and intellect to cement our successes and create a long-term future for our people and our beloved state. Service to the people, where trust is sacred, is the hallmark of effective administration for me, as it has always been. that trust must not be betrayed.

“You must therefore be committed and fair in the discharge of your duties, having been chosen from among the millions of good hands and brains that Adamawa State has in reckless abundance,” he stated. Corruption and corrupt tendencies must be avoided.

I must warn you right away that the phone call you just answered was a call to service. It is not a summons to riches. If all you want is money, you’re in the wrong place, and my free advice to you is to ship out before I ship you out.

“Do not betray our people’s trust, who have remained patient and loyal to our course.” We are here to serve the entire state, and anyone who has any reservations about that may have entered the wrong room. The New Adamawa State that we are creating would prioritise the interests of the entire state over the greed of any individual or institution.

Fintiri reminded the newly sworn-in commissioners that his government expected them to guarantee a successful conclusion, asking them to serve the State with unwavering dedication.

“It is not how long you have been in office that will make a difference. It is your dedication and commitment to it. People will see your impact even if you are only in office for six months. Your influence will be felt. But if you can’t complete it within that time frame, even if they let you stay for ten years, you might not be able to carry it out, he says.


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