Meeting with Niger Coup Leaders, Sanusi Updates Tinubu on Mediation Efforts

Two weeks after a military coup in Niger, the 14th Emir of Kano, Sanusi Mohammed, met with the new government.
After meeting with President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday to update him on his mediation efforts to end the political crisis in Nigeria’s neighbouring country, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria made this announcement.
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union, and a prominent US official had previously all made unsuccessful attempts to contact the Niger coup leaders prior to his meeting with them.
Sanusi claims that the government cannot handle the problem in Niger on its own, and that Nigerians and Nigerians alike must work together to find a solution.
“I came to brief him on the specifics of my conversations with the leaders of Niger,” he explained. We’ll keep trying to bridge the gap in communication between the two sides.Public diplomacy is needed now more than ever; this is not something we can simply leave to governments. To discover a solution that benefits Africa, Niger, Nigeria, and mankind as a whole, we need the input of every single person who calls themselves a “Nigerian.”
Using his personal relationships, he made the peace overture, he said, and he will continue to do his best as a leader.
“No,” she replied, “the government did not send me. Officials in the government knew I was going, but I took the initiative and used my personal connections to get there, and I intend to keep doing so going forward. As a leader, it is my responsibility to do that,” Sanusi explained.
Niger’s military rulers have ignored an ultimatum to step down or face the possibility of military action, and ECOWAS officials are scheduled to meet on Thursday to examine the situation.
According to the first official response from the 15-nation bloc, “ECOWAS heads of state (will) hold another extraordinary summit on the political situation in the Republic of Niger,” after Niger failed to meet Sunday’s deadline to reinstate democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum.
Nigeria’s President, who also serves as ECOWAS chairman, has announced that the upcoming summit will be held in Abuja.

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