Fintiri joins young Nigerians in honouring the International Day of Youth.

Adamawa State Governor Rt. Hon. Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri joined Nigerian youths on Saturday to celebrate International Youth Day, which is held annually on August 12. The governor’s chief press secretary, Humwashi Wonosoiku, released a statement in which he praised the perseverance of Nigeria’s young and thanked them for their contributions to the country’s growth.

In honour of 2023’s International Youth Day, the governor has called on young people to help with the various agricultural initiatives the state is undertaking to ensure the nation’s continued access to nutritious food.

When prices of basic foodstuffs are on the rise, it is crucial that our young people direct more of their attention and resources towards farming.

We must say that Nigerian youth are strategic to securing National Development as we recognise the many ways in which they have contributed to the country’s progress.

Therefore, Governor Fintiri hopes that young people will be inspired to create innovative, hands-on, determined, and dynamic plans to increase water and food security.

“Governments at all levels must also encourage such Youth entrepreneurship centred on food supply, water conservation, healthy food production, and the generation of energy needed to engage people in productive ventures.”

We need to prioritise agriculture and sustainable food production not only to meet our own needs but also to export to the rest of the world if we ever hope to reach the level achieved by the developed world. In order to reduce this disparity, it will take major contributions from all sectors, including young people, in the areas of inventiveness, advocacy, and agricultural advancements.

The governor has issued the following statement in honour of youth Day: “On behalf of the state, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the country’s teeming, strong, dynamic, forceful, and energetic youth on the occasion of Youth Day, and I urge you to brace up for this vital sector.”


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