Adamawa governorship: Tribunal Judges’ are not under attack—Group

In spite of what you may have heard, the judges of the Adamawa state election petition tribunal are not under threat, according to the National Support Groups for Good Governance (NASUGG).
At a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, the group’s National Secretary, Usman Abah, made this claim.

Abah made this claim in light of recent claims on social media that Governor Fintiri intends to assault the tribunal judges using thugs wearing T-shirts emblazoned with photographs of Binani, but he assured the audience that the security forces will put up a fight against any such attempt.

He acknowledged the emotional responses to the topic but warned that the opposition’s claims that the governor and the PDP are hatching a secret scheme were completely false.

Abbah urged his countrymen and the people of Adamawa to refrain from emotional outbursts and instead offer measured assessments of the situation.

We continue to hold that the court system is the final bastion of democracy for the average citizen. The Bench and Bar are filled with men and women of immaculate integrity.

The opposition’s strategy to stir up trouble to moved the tribunal to Abuja was known to us, and we were prepared for it. The governor is unconcerned about the ongoing legal process since INEC is doing the right thing.

The same people who plotted with the renegade REC to stage a civilian coup in Adamawa would be the most likely to launch an attack on the tribunal not governor Fintiri.

“We also believe that Nigerians respect and appreciate those judges who have given landmark judgements that are points of reference even in international cases to this day.”.

“It must now be stressed above all else that Adamawa’s governorship tribunal is not being attacked. Abba said that the fabricated claims about the planned attack on the tribunal are another failed ploy to move the court to Abuja and are the handiwork of unscrupulous politicians who failed to remove the governor through a civilian coup.

He remarked that everyone with integrity has a responsibility to face the guilt of the failed civil coup in Adamawa. He said.

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